Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

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Dec 03, 2003 - Present






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A reality series that provides major home renovations for less fortunate families.

Each week of this reality series, a family is featured that has been through a recent hardship. The show arranges with a local construction company to makeover the family's home.

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11/13/14 at 09:59am

This was the only show on tv where people actually made good things to each other.
05/12/13 at 06:51am

Good riddance.... The premise was great, but they picked the most moronic, irresponsible people on the face of the earth to "help".... I mean, if you choose to save poor people instead of feeding your own children and making sure they have a proper roof over their heads, you don't need a new house as much as you need to have your kids removed from your irresponsible care and you need to be put in jail for neglect. This show celebrated all the wrong things in most episodes and rewarded some of the most outrageously irresponsible decisions by people who were charity cases who didn't have the brains to stay afloat --- giving them a new house wouldn't have changed their behaviors or poor decision making. And then there's Ty Penington on whose shoulders the show rested... He's a drunk for pete's sake!
06/05/12 at 07:51pm

Shocked to see there aren't more comments.....Gonna miss this one. Loved to see the smiles on the childrens faces when they saw their new home. Very few 'feel good' shows on these days. Very Sad.
04/26/12 at 08:45pm

I love this show. I loved how the families would ge much needed help it just brings tears to my eyes everytime I watch the show. It will be unbelievably missed. God bless Ty Pennington and crew.
04/22/12 at 08:20pm

Sorta glad this show got cancelled. It was very fake and alot of sites out there listed certain things on how this show was fake and how much of a scam it was.

The people wanting the house were real thats great but behind the scenes the real things you dont get to her make it more fake.
04/03/12 at 08:34pm

So sad to see this show go!! It was always heartwarming and most of the families really needed the help. I also liked to see the designs they would come up with. Can't believe there are no other comments.

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