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Sep 22, 2004 - Feb 22, 2013




Drama / Crime




Mac - Gary SiniseJo - Sela WardDanny - Carmine GiovinazzoLindsay - Anna BelknapSid - Robert JoyAdam - A.J. BuckleySheldon - Hill HarperDon - Eddie CahillStella - Melina KanakaredesAiden - Vanessa Ferlito

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This procedural crime drama set in New York is a spin-off of the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Set in New York, this series follows the same blueprint as its parent show. The crime scene investigation team works to solve murders and various other crimes in New York City. The use of hi-tech crime solving techniques is often in the spotlight.

Comments (51)

10/09/14 at 02:33pm

Seems like all I watch anymore are the reruns of my favorite shows on Netflix. Won't need to pay for Direct TV soon!
03/17/14 at 03:43pm

I LOVED CSI: NY. The characters blended so well together. Even though it was a spin-off, it stood on it's own merits and I definitely miss this excellent, entertaining, and educational show. Boo CBS for cancelling this show!
tina riegsecker
03/05/14 at 08:06pm

BRING BACK MY CSI NEWYORK and screw your ratings from 41yr to 21yr olds they don't know a good show from their asses, it was a great show and its a hell of a lot better then those two and a half men and also bring back grissom to csi original and what happened between him and sara they were a cute couple. BRING BACK CSI NY - BRING BACK CSI NY- BRING BACK CSI NY.
Betty DellaPelle
11/14/13 at 10:16am

They replaced CSI:NY with a show that bombed. Well, that worked out well for whoever made that bad decision! CBS has some good shows out there, and this was one of them. At least the cable channels have the sense to show reruns of NY & Miami. And oh yeah, as a boomer,I'm so tired of hearing about 18-49 year-olds being the benchmark. Really??!
Big D
11/13/13 at 11:29am

Was wondering what happened to CSI NY. Great show canceled and replaced by a lesser show. Watching FOX news until Blue Bloods comes on. Better recheck the ratings, demographics and get Gary and the gang back on.
10/14/13 at 08:20pm

Seriously. whats your problem? Please bring CSI NY.
09/30/13 at 10:15am

Why are all the good shows being cancelled on CBS? I really loved Cold Case, CSI:Miami and CSI:NY.
09/21/13 at 09:08pm

Not sure what the Network is thinking ... this is one of
the best shows out there & you just cancel it with no wrap up or anything ... If you end up replacing this with one of those awful Reality shows we'll know you have no interest in great television.
09/20/13 at 08:20pm

This is one of my favorite shows. Can't believe you cancelled without a final show. You did this with csi Miami also and that was terrible. Please reconsider
09/06/13 at 04:07am

Loved this show! Can't believe this csi show was cancelled. I am still missing csi Miami too!

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