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Oct 06, 2004 - Present






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A reality series following paranormal investigators.

Paranormal investigators Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson take a look at various locations that are reported to be haunted.

Originally plumbers by trade, the duo used to limit their ghostly activity hunts to nights only. Now with the success of the series they are able to put ghost hunting at the forefront.

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Liza Robertson
08/16/16 at 05:51am

This is the final season of Ghost Hunters because Jason doesn't want to be a part of the SYFY channel any longer. He has something interesting in the works elsewhere, not sure where though.
11/10/14 at 03:02pm

Has anyone figured out - this show is an infommercial? Wherever they go to investigate helps somebody commercially. Reality TV sucks. Reality TV that essentially pimps some joker's business sucks more. Some examples: Pawn Stars (or any of the pawn shop spin-off/rip-off shows) Ever notice how often the restoration dude or the pickers seem to hook up with the pawn shop guys?
05/15/14 at 10:59pm

i love this show it seems more real than ghost adventures at least they dont say its a ghost everytime they see or hear things
10/30/13 at 11:04am

Used to love the show. It's been almost unwatchable as of late. Really took a nose dive when Grant left.
07/24/13 at 07:19pm

I like the series and watched it last week and now I don't know what I got. When and where does it come on now? I am disappointed, really disappointed.
05/21/13 at 02:21pm

How is this show still on? It must cost nothing to produce. It has been shown, over and over again that these shows are "Entertainment" not a freaking Documentary with any kind of fact or truth. I guess it is fun watching people stumble around with a flashlight in the dark?
01/13/13 at 06:46pm

Maybe for their 9th year, they'll finally admit to their hoaxing.
Jo Lynn
01/02/12 at 02:01pm

I love this show!!! I wish they would get some new equipment but other than it!!! I wish they would show it all from the beginning!!!

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