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Oct 06, 2004 - Present






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A reality series following paranormal investigators.

Paranormal investigators Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson take a look at various locations that are reported to be haunted.

Originally plumbers by trade, the duo used to limit their ghostly activity hunts to nights only. Now with the success of the series they are able to put ghost hunting at the forefront.

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carol ader
12/10/17 at 10:13am

i loved ghost hunters and i wish they would come back
04/17/17 at 09:19pm

I cant believe this wasnt cancelled after the first season. I believe in the paranormal. But the ghost hunters were a bunch of hacks. It was a bunch of obviously scripted nonsense, a reality show in disguise. You never saw any ghosts or anything truly supernatural. Just a bunch of guys running around in the dark pretending to be scared making a mockery of real paranormal investigation.
01/13/17 at 06:00am

Sorry to see the O.G. ghost show leave, but it's been a good run. Once I passed the TAPS truck on the highway, and I was so excited! Good luck, fellas.
michael dobey
12/09/16 at 03:36pm

a FUN SHOW < where you never really got to see a ghost!. But it was fun. And it lasted a whopping 12 years! that's amazing for any tv show.
12/08/16 at 03:30pm

I didn't even know this show was still one
11/11/16 at 01:42pm

well i say good. i LOVE ghost hunting and paranormal shows, they are my guilty pleasure. but these guys bored me TO DEATH. no enthusiasm, no replays, no narrator, no history, just boring. and why couldn't they just stay the whole night like the other ghost hunters do?
Ron Martin
10/31/16 at 12:32pm

Sorry to hear the series has ended. Over the last couple of years, the show seemed to lose it's energy. All good things come to an end. Thanks for the memories.
10/30/16 at 03:12pm

syfy channel atleast where i live in NY said it was the season finale instead of series finale, guess it was a typo?
Liza Robertson
10/29/16 at 06:38am

It just had its series finale on 10/26/16 called Manor of Mystery.
Sara Hempstead
09/29/16 at 04:42am

When is the series finale?

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