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Sep 22, 2004 - May 23, 2010




Drama / Sci-fi




Jack - Matthew FoxHurley - Jorge GarciaKate - Evangeline LillyLocke - Terry O'QuinnSayid - Naveen AndrewsSawyer - Josh HollowaySun - Yunjin KimJin - Daniel Dae KimDesmond - Henry Ian CusickBen - Michael EmersonJuliet - Elizabeth MitchellRichard - Nestor CarbonellFaraday - Jeremy DaviesClaire - Emilie de RavinMichael - Harold PerrineauMiles - Ken LeungCharlotte - Rebecca MaderCharlie - Dominic MonaghanWalt - Malcolm David KelleyShannon - Maggie GraceAna Lucia - Michelle RodriguezBoone - Ian SomerhalderLibby - Cynthia WatrosEko - Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

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A serial sci-fi drama with an overarching mythology that is slowly uncovered during the course of the series.

Lost follows the lives of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. After their plane crashes on a mysterious tropical island, the castaways soon realize they are not alone.

Throughout the series, each of the main characters' lives off the island are explored deeper through various storytelling devices such as flashbacks.

Comments (13)

Connie Cheek
11/28/16 at 10:18am

I loved it so much I watched all 7 seasons 3 times,it's to bad that movie makers don't give movie watchers 2 ending choices like there original one and then a happier one. Plus it's been years since the cable has rerun it. I know it because I watch for it.
12/23/15 at 05:21pm

I heard rumour of LOST 2 might come out next year, but so far nothing true there, wish there is a LOST 2. If there is a LOST 2 should be better than the first one. I was disappointed the series finales in the original series.
08/23/15 at 00:23am

They need to do LOST II with all new characters and story lines.
Special Agent Dale Cooper
10/29/14 at 05:23pm

Loved this show! For a while I could not replace the void that this show once filled, until I watched two great shows: True Detective and Twin Peaks. They are not nearly as great as this show, but they will definitely please you.
"I only have time for coffee"
09/13/14 at 10:09am

I loved this show.
05/05/14 at 03:35pm

Is it true that they are bringing the Show back?
12/27/13 at 12:23pm

I agree with the other comments. When it ended, I was really lost without LOST! I haven't watched it again & that last episode had me "boo-hooing" so much I used up my box of tissues! I met so many ppl online because of this show. Now I'm hooked on SCANDAL & THE BLACKLIST.
11/19/13 at 11:51am

Literally the best show ever
Top K9
09/29/13 at 05:09pm

For me this was one of the best series that I have ever encountered..strangely addictive, and I can say that I let these people, My friends, Nay my extended family into my home every week. I will be honest when I say that I cried during the last episode. I've watched it on Blu-Ray a lot of times but still am not able to watch the very last episode. Too emotional.
09/17/13 at 08:59am

Miss Lost so much no other show can compare great writing, storytelling & acting! Love this show from beginning to end! Too bad it had to end still waiting for something to replace it but nothing so far.... :-( Thank goodness for netflix!
But, I know it's time for all us Lost Fans to 'move on & let go'...

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