Hell's Kitchen

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May 30, 2005 - Present




Reality / Food


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Aspiring young chefs are put to the ultimate challenge in this reality competition starring world renowned chef Gordon Ramsay.

Each of these up-and-coming chefs has dreams of stardom, but these dreams become nightmares for many. Chef Ramsay demands perfection, and the intensity of the challenges is beyond anything the contestants have experienced before.

Split into two teams, the contestants compete against each other to serve up their very best in the kitchen. The winners are lavishly rewarded while those who fail suffer humiliating punishment.

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05/26/13 at 08:08pm

I love Hells kitchen but I cant get fox so I have to go to hulu that sucks .Its cool how chef Gordon flips out. I know he doesn't get crazy only for Hells Kitchen because if you read about his life he doesn't act like that with his kids. People who say hes a clown and not real haven't really don't know they should find real facts not the half facts. He is a chef and Has earn his way someday I hope to say hi to him and talk culinary knowdge. I wish the best to him and his family ...
05/21/13 at 02:46pm

Gordon Ramsey... sigh. How is this clown allowed to be taken serious. A out of control chief who likes to pretend he is some sort divine of maker of holy mana. I have ate at his restaurants... how hum nothing special. He is more talk than chief. The only thing people like to watch about this guy is that he looses his mind from time to time like he is some French chief with OCD.
april johnston
03/25/12 at 09:50pm

i effing LOVE this show! this is one of my top 3 shows of all time to watch! i absolutely loves how gordon flips out on the contestants especially when they deserve it. how long does it take for these ppl to learn to make a decent risotto?

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