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Mar 04, 2006 - Present






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A reality series following the six-member Roloff family farm in Oregon.

Little People, Big World follows the daily lives of the Roloff family, which consists of parents Matt and Amy, and their four children - Zach, Jeremy, Molly and Jacob. Matt, Amy and Zach are little people, while Jeremy, Molly and Jacob are of average height.

Episodes of the show regularly feature one or more members of the family in their day-to-day activities.

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05/18/22 at 12:18pm

Love this show but, what a sad start to the season. I am a big fan of Zach but, last night I found out he's really Amy jr. Both have sticks up their butt. You know how your dad does business and you show up to a big boy meeting acting like little kids. Buy a new house and aren't man enough to tell your dad yourself even if your mad at him.
Did you ever consider your dad was trying to give you less work on the farm. I'm pretty sure you haven't run farm by yourself ever so even your part would have been a lot of work. I'm on Matt's side on this one. Amy and Zach are Roloffs dividers nicely done.
06/22/21 at 09:20pm

15 years later and Amy still has a stick up her butt. Get over it you have a new life now.
10/26/18 at 09:51pm

Will the Roloff's return? Will Jacob return to the final season? Where is Molly? A reunion show for the final season would be nice! It is always one of my favorite shows! Please let there be another season!
05/22/18 at 03:04am

jo ann
11/27/17 at 07:40pm

i wish little people big world would come back on . I love the show .
08/23/16 at 07:11pm

Ok I'm not quite sure why you still have this show as cancelled when it came back and now we are seeing more new shows. I'm glad it came back. I enjoy watching the Roloffs ...we have gotten to watch this family grow through good and bad first it was just interesting watching little people and the different struggles that they had to face in an average height world but soon we got to know and love each member of the family and then we had to watch because they felt like family to me and as wonky as this sounds it's nice to know your not alone in the struggles of life. To me it's also a lesson whether you are a LP or average height with or without a medical condition/disability me it shows where there is a will there is a way...and I look at Roloff farms and am amazed that no matter the struggles, Matt and Amy didn't let that stop them from building such a fantastic life for them and the children. It encourages me matter my situation matter my pain...your the one who sets your limitations and the sky is the limit. Also I know that there has been some issues with Jacob but I feel like he's just been written out of the would be nice to see him referenced more even if he didn't want to be a part of the show...I mean he's still their son and it's just another part of the struggle in the Roloff family. But I'm glad it's back and I would love to keep it on to see the grand babies :)
04/22/13 at 08:04am

I loved watching the roloffs..we could learn alot from matt..he may be small..but his ambition for getting things done are awesome..most normal size people dont accomplish what he does..goodluck roloffs
07/27/12 at 08:04pm

This is not the only family "follow" show that got to be overbearing. When is the viewing public going to get tird of the whole "wreck at the side of the road rubber necking", " how does our family compare to them" or
" there so different then us", aka..those who view because of a how shall I say, a biggoted ill begotten mentality..please let us think America.
05/22/12 at 05:53pm

Iwas sorry to read that little people big world was cancel I enjoy the show

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