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Sep 02, 2008 - May 13, 2013


The CW






Annie - Shenae GrimesDixon - Tristan WildsNaomi - AnnaLynne McCordSilver - Jessica StroupAdrianna - Jessica LowndesNavid - Michael StegerRyan - Ryan EggoldKelly - Jennie GarthDebbie - Lori LoughlinHarry - Rob EstesEthan - Dustin MilliganTabitha - Jessica Walter

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An edgy, contemporary spin-off of the iconic drama "Beverly Hills, 90210".

The new "90210" takes a modern look at life through the eyes of high schoolers in Beverly Hills, California.

Annie Wilson and her brother Dixon have their lives turned upside down when they move to the famous area code from small-town Kansas. They enroll in West Beverly High, where they soon meet who would become future friends, foes, and love interests.

From memorable moments of new-found love and happiness to the sorrows of heartbreak and backstabbing, life in 90210 is anything but dull.

Comments (13)

01/12/17 at 06:43am

The show was concluded not canceled it had a series finale. Read the post about it ending after five seasons.
07/09/14 at 06:20am

It's cancelled, not concluded.
05/20/13 at 06:20pm

I think it is completely ridicules they canceled 90210 this show was amazing! Whats the point of putting a show on getting the viewers attention and keeping i t. Then just taking the show away! None of the accters seem like they want the show to end either they said they where like a family! Cw needs 90210. ;!+) 9; ;!+) or t!)e take the show to another station
05/07/13 at 06:45am

I really liked this series. I wish that it wasn't ending that will be sad. I hate reality tv and don't watch it.
04/23/13 at 04:57am

Really wish this series wasn't ending... I enjoy this show so very much... Wish there was a way to convince CW to do a season 6....
02/28/13 at 09:07pm

Unfortunately for those who care...it has been cancelled by the CW.
01/20/13 at 06:07pm

I love this show it on Netflix and so is the other show it replaced the circle thing show I don't know what its called
09/05/12 at 10:52am

Best cast on any show! Shenae rocks!
Shut down the reality crap and put on few more like this!
08/08/12 at 02:52pm

I love it and I hope to see many many more seasons..Thank goodness the CW didn't axe this one..And as for the "Haters" to bad so sad..Cry me a freaking river..Out of ALL the shows,The L.A. Complex should be next to GO!!!
05/30/12 at 07:56am

Joe and ashley dont comment if u wanna say bad things about this show

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