Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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Jan 13, 2008 - Apr 10, 2009




Drama / Sci-fi




Sarah - Lena HeadeyJohn - Thomas DekkerCameron - Summer GlauDerek - Brian Austin GreenCromartie - Garret DillahuntCatherine - Shirley MansonRiley - Leven RambinJames - Richard T. Jones

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A sci-fi spin-off of the Terminator movies involving the adventures of mother and son Sarah and John Connor following the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

The show premiered as a mid-season replacement with a nine episode run in early 2008. It started off with solid ratings by most standards and as a result was renewed for a second season.

Although the show amassed a loyal fanbase, its ratings fell lower in season 2.

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03/30/21 at 08:16am

3/29/21 I've just finished watching the series again after, maybe, 11 years (I've got it on DVD). It was a great show. I'm so sorry it was cancelled.

A belated hope everyone's career goes well in the future. I don't think Lena H. needs my good luck as she seems to be working steadily on some major projects since cancellation.

I hope Summer G. is happy & well with a relatively new growing family, with the occasional acting role.

I do miss Shirley M. as an actress. I really liked her native accent. It appears she's quite busy touring again with "Garbage" the band.

And again, good luck to all the rest, whether cast or crew.
Clinton (CJ)
12/26/14 at 02:33pm

of course they had to leave it with the possibility of coming back. cause if the terminator that sent john to the future. no one heard of john connor the machines won.
when she could have killed him in the past and no john Connor. still in the future, when she should of sent him to the future and she should of stayed in the past take the form of john connor.
and when he is in the future as him younger self the terminator could become his right hand terminator and thats why no one sees john in the future.
and since the terminator can change form she could turn into Summer. comfort john or whatever, there are like 2 or 3 different ways to spin this like.
john is in the future no one knows who he is but sarah connor kept fighting and the terminator transforms into sarah connor and tells the resistence this is john connor my son he will lead the resistence to victory and being young in the future could make that happen or since something happened where the future still has resistence john connor now young in the future no one knows who he is he then starts as a private and works his way up to john connor leader of the resistence alot of cool terminators fighting terminators and if john henry is good or if cameron still locked in a mainframe could be helpful in the future. **** it whatever i am giving you gold here.
so what if it is scratched and looks like i have been playing pocket pool with it but still should have been like 2 more seasons my thoughts
07/26/14 at 02:45am

I am aware of the lateness of this comment but I'm still going to go on with it. I admit that I have a love of numerous tv shows. However, with much-needed appreciation for reaching the level of potential with diehard Terminator fans is fascinating. I have no idea how this show got canceled, to make it worse was the timing. The last episode, I can't find the right words to describe the excitement and intriguing possibility of the obvious question of what fantastic kick ass exilerating seasons that should have blown us away again and again. yeah will never know what continues as the characters reveal how and why things happened as they did. Having the first look in the world John O'Connor became the leader. As a whole new look into the creation of my favorite of all crucial characters, undiscovered time to pull out all the stops and dive into all new territory. Can you picture what comes next the pace in which you have to be up to the command and be that guy who has devoted loyalty. Oh my goodness, just the story behind the one and only beauty too freakin awesome to have imagined such an outstanding character who took the show to new hights of Fandom. She's the one and only Summer Glau. There are many other questions like what's the next move for Sarah O'Conner, and why did it play out the way it did other than the obvious. You get to see how determined and set in her way of survival and follow through with ever move made in order to prevent her son from death and all that will fall with his short lived life and not able to fulfill his destiny. What does Sarah do now that her son is in the future and she only has herself to look after. It seriously shouldn't have ended up being canceled, the last episode was amazing and awful cause it will continue to drive you crazy not to know the whole entirety of what happens next as it progresses naturally to the end of the story. ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS EVER AT LEAST WE GOT A PIECE OF IT.
05/23/13 at 06:03am

Good show and of course cancelled.
04/15/13 at 01:33pm

its always the same, Like something you know they sooner or later will pull the plug, without a propper end.
05/25/12 at 11:53am

I miss this show too!
05/14/12 at 06:14pm

Miss this show!!
04/22/12 at 06:54pm

I loved that show! Summer was sexy!
10/15/11 at 07:11pm

It was great show! Too bad it was cancelled because low ratings! I wonder why? It was because FOX aired it during football season on Monday nights! DUMB!

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