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Sep 07, 2008 - Aug 24, 2014




Drama / Fantasy




Sookie - Anna PaquinBill - Stephen MoyerEric - Alexander SkarsgardSam - Sam TrammellTara - Rutina WesleyJason - Ryan KwantenLafayette - Nelsan EllisHoyt - Jim ParrackArlene - Carrie PrestonAndy - Chris BauerBud - William Sanderson

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A drama series that tells of the co-existence between vampires and humans in a small Louisiana town.

True Blood takes place in Bon Temps, Louisiana, and follows a waitress, Sookie, who meets a handsome 173-year-old vampire, Bill, who has returned to the town following the death of his last remaining relative. Vampires now live amongst humans after the creation of synthetic blood.

Sookie is telepathic, but because she cannot hear Bill's thoughts, she takes comfort in his company. The show follows their involvement as the series progresses.

True Blood is based on the The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels, written by Charlaine Harris.

Comments (19)

03/02/14 at 06:07pm

It seems like it is taking forever for for season 7 to get here!! ... Another Fantastic show!!
Mike B
12/15/13 at 11:53pm

I am one of this show's fans that loved the crazy ride. It was not formula and has never been predictable. Crazy and unpredictable, qualities that make it a must see. I will miss True Blood. HBO: Shame on you! If I wanted tame predictable premium tv I'd watch Starz offerings.
09/23/13 at 06:08pm

The first 3 seasons were the best!
09/15/13 at 05:00am

Have read it's coming back for a seventh season, but it will be the last. I think it is time to end it. I have always loved True Blood, and have been a loyal fan (I buy the DVDs, even) but it does seem to be suffering a bit from the Seven Year Itch, and it's just getting a bit stale.
08/25/13 at 01:02am

True Blood just keeps getting better and better. The stuff they come up with always amazes me and keeps me on the edge of my seat each season. I'm very relieved they are renewed for a 7th season, especially since the what happened to Eric cliff hanger.
Edan-Kane Soledad
04/27/13 at 12:03pm

"True Blood" Season 6 will return June 16th on HBO. Although "True Blood" was good at first, the quality had fallen over the years. Alan Ball diverged greatly from the books and ruined the show before he left it.
03/07/13 at 01:34pm

Love True Blood! When is it coming back?
05/11/12 at 09:10pm

Can't wait for season five. I hope that there will be a season six. Even if that means the rumors are true and we lose the brilliant Alan Ball,but as they say the show must go on. I believe the show will survive.
04/06/12 at 10:12pm

Glad to see my second favorite (behind Game of Thrones) tv series renewed. HBO best content for television, EVER!

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