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Apr 19, 2009 - Apr 11, 2020


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A reality show that follows the happenings in a bakery specializing in cakes.

Cake Boss features Buddy Valastro, the owner of Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. He and his staff, comprised of mostly family members, are in the reality spotlight as cameras follow their daily lives, including all the ups and downs.

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Marina Deoudes
01/07/21 at 06:41pm

Hi folks, has Cake Boss been canceled? I keep hearing Discovery Family promotions mentioning the whole famiglia going out with a bang, or going out in style. What is happening???
AJae Egger
04/07/18 at 06:19am

Did the cast of Cake Boss feel it was time to "Retire" after the loss of their Mama in 2017? They were back for SUCH a short time then, but are gone again - a few Re-runs - but no word since... did they (& TLC) decide it was just too much for them now? If so, we should send them our love and appreciation for all the many years they've given us and wish them well - but they will be SORELY missed! AJae
09/27/17 at 07:38am

@Kathryn Pulliams to answer your question its the TLC channel, also the newest episode will be this Saturday, 9-30-2017, Cake Boss's first new episode in over 372 days, a whole year and one week they haven't shown any new episodes at all, now the tv is going to flood the channel with new episodes
Kathryn Pulliams
08/03/16 at 03:19pm

What station will the new episodes be shown on? I am only able to see old episodes on Family Discovery station.
12/09/15 at 06:36am

I loved this show since day one. I'm happy when they came back. But it was very short lived. They took a year and a half off and never said why. When they returned in 2015 it was 6 1/2 episodes a month so it made it feel even shorter. What really got me was that they never updated any information on why it took so long to get new episodes. Sure it takes time to record the show and edit them but a full year and a half of hearing nothing from them is what is really sad.
With in 3 months they showed the whole cake boss year, took short!! They doubled the episodes so it made it go even faster. With their old seasons they spread it out threw out the whole year. This one they squeezed it into 3 months. Wonder how short season 8 will be. Will probably debut in 2017
Joseph spoors
03/13/15 at 07:02am

Wondering if the show is going to come back arm and how is buddies mom doing
12/22/14 at 07:03pm

its close to the end of the year and still no word about the cake boss. Will it be back on soon. My family and enjoy watching it. When will it be back?
melinda gillette
11/04/14 at 05:27pm

Don't tell me that cake boss is cancelled
melinda gillette
11/04/14 at 05:25pm

is cake boss going to have another season to air on tlc
03/27/14 at 11:55am

Luv cake boss

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