Drop Dead Diva

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Jul 12, 2009 - Jun 22, 2014




Comedy / Drama




Jane - Brooke ElliottTeri - Margaret ChoStacy - April BowlbyKim - Kate LeveringGrayson - Jackson HurstJ. Parker - Josh StambergFred - Ben Feldman

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A dramedy following an up-and-coming young model who passes away and reincarnates as a plus-sized lawyer.

Deb Dobson is a self-involved aspiring model who, after dying in a car accident, is declared a "zero" when her soul reaches the gates of Heaven. When Deb is granted a return to Earth, she is brought back to life in the body of a smart, but overweight, lawyer.

In her new body, Deb learns the meaning of inner beauty as she reconnects with her still-grieving boyfriend and rediscovers her past.

Comments (42)

05/29/13 at 06:39pm

Pheew! It was resurrected! This is my all time favorite show!!! & will continue to be as long as they don't cast Kim kardashian on it again. She's a disgrace to show. It's no wonder the ratings dropped. Anyway, I'm so thankful, that my FAVORITE show wasn't cancelled
04/21/13 at 07:40pm

on the air???? Where and when?????
04/21/13 at 07:35pm

Tell me they didn't cancel this too!!! What;s the deal.....
bring it back!!!!!
03/19/13 at 11:03pm

love LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!! I MISS IT!!!!!!
02/26/13 at 09:58am

Okay I have seen every episode and I LOVE IT!! Why would this show be removed?! This is the only reason I watch this channel! Please bring it back!
02/20/13 at 09:33am

This show has been great and I can't believe it was taken off. I would rather watch this than old episodes of wife swap and the new show dance moms.
Wendy Allen
02/09/13 at 10:52pm

What is wrong with the people who decide these shows should be cancelled. a monkey could do a better job! you got this one wrong idiots.
01/30/13 at 05:20pm

BRING IT BACK PLEASSSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this show so much and CAN YALL STOP CANCELLING every damn thing thats good!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01/27/13 at 01:32pm

I love this show and I wish It would keep going.
01/24/13 at 08:25pm

It is such a shame that Lifetime can be so inconsiderate and unprofessional. Drop Dead Diva has everything a show should have. It's well written, a fantastic cast, entertaining and enlightening story lines and the musical scenes are uplifting. This is the only show I kept up with. I hope another network comes and picks it up. It makes no sense to leave over 2M viewers, both women and men (ages 16 - 70+)literally hanging with the season finale and then just STOP .... nothing else. Lifetime did an injustice to an incredibly acted and written HIT of a show. -One less Lifetime viewer (unless they bring it back)

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