Lie to Me

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Jan 21, 2009 - Jan 31, 2011




Drama / Crime




Dr. Lightman - Tim RothDr. Foster - Kelli WilliamsLoker - Brendan HinesTorres - Monica RaymundReynolds - Mekhi Phifer

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Based around behavioral specialists who work at The Lightman Group, a firm which helps detect lies for clients ranging from the FBI and local police to corporations and individuals.

Inspired by a real-life behavioral scientist, Lie to Me follows deception expert Dr. Cal Lightman and his team of lie detection experts as they work to uncover the truth in a wide range of cases.

While Lightman focuses on the details, his partner, Dr. Gillian Foster, brings balance to the partnership by thinking about the overall picture and using her expertise in psychology. Together, no truth can be concealed from them.

Comments (31)

07/18/12 at 06:54am

So sad, this was a good show. Bring it back.
06/25/12 at 08:01am

Amazing show cancelled without being given a chance.... yet again
06/03/12 at 02:21pm

too bad this is no longer on air, i loved this show, amazing cases and you learn somthing while wathing
malcolm vickery
05/29/12 at 06:08am

have always believed US TV companies were to led by rating but with reality TV shows being so much cheaper to make than scripted drama or comedy i think as many shows are canned because there is a cheaper way to fill a time slot, if it continues turn off your TVs gt along to theatres or the movies because no ratings are the only thing which will convince the networks they have got what the public wants wrong
05/17/12 at 06:11am

Does anyone else think that if we exhibit an ounce of intelligence and not watch "un"-reality shows all the time that the executives will cancel the good shows to force us to watch?? This is getting pathetic!
04/26/12 at 10:19am

Shame how shows with decent actors, great story plots, and discussion worthy topics get yanked off the airwaves then replaced with straight garbage!!! I just don't get it?? who's running this joint?? seriously, put down the Twilight book, change the channel on Jersey Shore, and read or watch a big boy or girl novel and/or movie!!
04/20/12 at 00:52am

I agree with everyone this show really didn't get the promotion it deserved to save it. Summertime shows needs to really been given its time to get people on board to watch. Once they would they won't miss an episode. Sorry to see it go.
03/24/12 at 07:56am

I felt like Lie to Me kind of lost its flair for a few episodes around the middle of the last season but as it got closer to the end it really picked back up so I didn't understand why it got cancelled because it was really going strong. I personally think some of the topics it delve into like the hardcore christian boy's lust, the war vet with ptsd, the black basketball player accused of rape, and a lot of other things couldn't have gone over well with conservative groups so thats probably why it was cancelled.
Cynthia Clark
03/15/12 at 01:06pm

I agree with everyone in favor of bringing back LIE TO ME! IT WAS A GREAT SERIES in the midst of such garbage TV these days. LOVED IT AND WANT IT BACK ON THE AIR!!!
02/29/12 at 09:59am

Once again you have shown that you don't really care what the public wants in the way of a good, family oriented, extremely interesting and informative show. Bring "Lie To Me" back!!!!! How about for once you guys (gals) consider public opinion, take a vote before you cancel.

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