Lie to Me

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Jan 21, 2009 - Jan 31, 2011




Drama / Crime




Dr. Lightman - Tim RothDr. Foster - Kelli WilliamsLoker - Brendan HinesTorres - Monica RaymundReynolds - Mekhi Phifer

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Based around behavioral specialists who work at The Lightman Group, a firm which helps detect lies for clients ranging from the FBI and local police to corporations and individuals.

Inspired by a real-life behavioral scientist, Lie to Me follows deception expert Dr. Cal Lightman and his team of lie detection experts as they work to uncover the truth in a wide range of cases.

While Lightman focuses on the details, his partner, Dr. Gillian Foster, brings balance to the partnership by thinking about the overall picture and using her expertise in psychology. Together, no truth can be concealed from them.

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melody caughrean
02/20/12 at 08:16pm

I really enjoyed this show. I looked forward to Monday nights just for this show to come on. I can't believe you cancelled this and put on Alcatraz. I haven't even wanted to look at that from the ads I've seen. I miss it, bring it back!
02/01/12 at 02:58pm

I agree with all the comments. This was a great show! I miss it too. They only seem to cancel the ones I like. Glad to know I'm not the only one, but still! I can't stand all the reality shows. If that is really what "everybody " is watching we're doomed.
Niall McCarthy
01/22/12 at 08:33pm

you see people this what happens when you watch reailty tv shows good shows get cancelled
01/14/12 at 02:51pm

This was such a great show. I really miss it! If not for House, I'm not sure I would watch Fox at all to be honest. It's ridiculous that these networks keep pumping out "reality" garbage, but a good show that has great acting and actually makes you think can't last more than a couple of seasons. Boo to Fox.
Erik Wilson
01/10/12 at 06:11pm

Yeah, tell me about it Jim, Misty, Kel, Don, Shiri, and Ann. Apparently only 7 people got it? Unfortunately, the people who cancelled it aren't the idiots... it is the American public -- the potential audience -- who are the idiots in this case.

Still though, there must be an enormous number of idiots. Perhaps worse still, there must be an extremely small number of smart people in that potential audience. Maybe, the problem is only that the target audience is too busy doing intelligent things and has no time for television. Maybe, the fact that most shows are stupid means that most television watchers are equally stupid and my quest for intelligent television is doomed to persistent failure.

That's a shame, some shows can really captivate my imagination. This was one of them. I've lost track of the number of people this show has taught me to read. Microgestures are really interesting, and all gestures for that matter are fascinating. I thought most people were transparent fools before I saw this show, but it managed to pull the last layer of BS from people who would otherwise get away with deception.

Yet another great show, gone.

Maybe in a decade or so, when people use facial and body gestures to interact with their computers (like many people already do by using mouse gestures), then they will appreciate the nuance of human communication and finally see this show for its true genius.
01/09/12 at 04:12am

Very good show, very intelligent writing and good story lines. Too bad the general public rather watch Jersey Shore instead of actually watching something that has brains behind it.
12/28/11 at 00:33am

Absolutely ridiculous that this show was cancelled. In all honesty one of the first shows that's not complete garbage on television. Another screw up for the network. Good television gets taken away for more filler shows that last one season or possibly two but could never have the fan base that Lie To Me has accumulated. We could have at least gotten a real series finale to tie up loose ends, but no, not even that. Hopefully another network will pick up the show, but sadly that probably will not happen either.
10/19/11 at 09:39am

Again what idiot cancelled this show. A really good show.
10/12/11 at 05:59am

I can't believe this!!! This was my favorite show! So captivating to watch. Bring it back!! Why did they cancel it??? I know my whole family was a fan so there must have been a great fan base.
Shiri Gantt
09/27/11 at 00:28am

IDIOTS ARE THE ONE OR ONES WHO CANCELLED ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS IN A LONG TIME AND TO TOP IT OFF DIDN'T AT THE VERY LEAST LEAVE THE FANS WITH A FINALE SHOW< buy instead left them with a cliffhanger to live with forever wondering what could have or might have been with the characters they came to love!!! Way to be good to the viewers who have made you a successful network from the start!!! You have lost me as a viewer for anything else you air from now on, and a lot of others from what I have read across cyberspace! Keep this up FOX and no show you chance will make it weather if it's good, bad or awesome!!B/c no body will trust you not to take it away from them after so many shows already you have done so with!! And I am now going to try to find out who cancelled lie to me the way they did, why and give them a good piece of my mind in a long letter proving my point!! Wish me luck!!

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