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Sep 22, 2009 - May 21, 2023




Drama / Crime




Sam - LL Cool JG - Chris O'DonnellHetty - Linda HuntKensi - Daniela RuahMarty - Eric Christian OlsenEric - Barrett FoaNell - Renee Felice SmithOwen - Miguel FerrerNate - Peter Cambor

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This spin-off of NCIS follows the high stakes world of a division known as the Office of Special Projects.

The OSP division of NCIS is charged with tracking down and apprehending dangerous criminals that threaten the nation's security. By assuming false identities and using advanced technologies, this undercover team of highly trained agents put their lives on the line to take down their targets.

This tight-knit group is equipped with the latest gear as they are sent into life-threatening situations to protect national interests.

Comments (38)

11/08/23 at 11:57pm

Is this Show Finished ? Thank you First 2 years ok the rest without Granger or Hetty the show Died
01/20/23 at 07:49pm

EW just reported that it's canceled with last episode airing on May 14. You usually have the breaking news first!
10/03/22 at 06:47pm

For the love of cheese please end this show. So sick of Callan's past controlling every single episode and the ridiculous ongoing baby stuff with Kensi. Nobody believes for a second that those two would ever be allowed to get married and still be partners in a Federal agency. It used to be an actual crime show, now its just some stupid romance drama. Every case they take is either linked to Callan and/or has nothing at all to do with the Navy.

"Oh look - someone robbed a store where one of the customers once toured a navy ship - must be a job for NCIS."

And while I know that Linda Hunt is not well after an accident years ago it is time to either retire Hetty or bring her back in some fashion - she was the only good part of the show.

NCIS LA has become a load of self-serving horseshit - end it.
03/27/22 at 08:57pm

They need to retitle this show to "The Marty Deeks Clown Show". Who thinks this guy is funny? The showrunner needs to decide what this show is, a comedy or a law enforcement drama. It can't be both. You're trying and failing! I can't watch it anymore.
Fred Scooter
01/03/22 at 09:22am

What in the hell happened to this show?? Was such a great show until they added the worst actors on TV (Fatima and Brownstreet ((don’t know or care what their real names are))). Then the new Cinematography. If they are trying to destroy a perfectly good show~ kudos!!
Crap show. The very reason that the good actors left the show.
12/21/21 at 02:11am

Sad how far this show has fallen. Last straw for me was the episode where a radical conservative general was out to overthrow the government or some stupid story line. I stopped watching on the second mention of this radical group in the story line. I then deleted the recorded episodes I had not had time to watch, then cancelled all further recording. If I wanted to watch crap like this I would turn on CNN.
Maybe I am alone in stopping watching almost everything on ABC, NBC and CBS. But I get tired of all these shows becoming political. Could it be that people are not watching CNN and the liberal news (opinion) channels so they have to interject their
opinion into prime time shows?
11/14/21 at 01:27pm

Please End this Show fed up with the Big Bald Guy and No name but G Black lives Matter come on its a long time Drag ! End this
Roger T
10/17/21 at 11:48am

1st episode season 13 was like nobody wanted to be there horrible acting time to end this show
02/15/21 at 10:43am

Boy this piece of junk has really jumped on the Black Lives Matter bull with a vengeance! Bad enough we have to be badgered with it every day now its on every TV show. I just wish somebody could tell me why I have to pay money to make up for slavery. I wasn't here then. My family wasnt here then. I never owned a slave. Why do I have to make reperations? Why do I have to be bothered by a bunch of people who want a free ride? Its affirmative Action all over again. They never learn.
10/30/20 at 06:06pm

Another stupid show that needs to go away. It's not funny any more!
The black clown loses all sense of proportion when anybody says "seal" and starts murdering people. The guy with one name is JUST ANNOYING! The analyst is so twisted up with nonsense that he is a joke. And he is NOT that smart. The disappearing midget that runs the nuthouse...... Burn this turkey down!

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