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Apr 09, 2009 - Apr 17, 2013




Drama / Crime




Ben - Benjamin McKenzieRussell - Tom Everett ScottLydia - Regina KingChickie - Arija BareikisJohn - Michael CudlitzSammy - Shawn HatosySal - Michael McGrady

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A gritty cop drama that takes a raw look at Los Angeles and the lives of its police officers and detectives.

Southland centers around the lives of members of the LAPD, both on duty and off the job. It is more a character-driven drama rather than a procedural.

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10/19/13 at 10:12am

Another good series canceled. I felt like it showed both the bad and good about cops and situations.
09/10/13 at 03:41pm

Why are you guys canceling good shows southland is a good show and so is Monday mornings a good show we like these shows who wants to watch a reality show when they can watch a show that's more interesting than that of a singing show or a talk show where every body gets mad at each other who care's.
08/31/13 at 01:57pm

Now I'm never going to find out what happens to Coop!! Noooooo!!!!!!
08/23/13 at 07:37am

southland had everything you wanted in a tv drama, you were smart to pick it up from another network, you would be smart to keep it going
Bruce wylie
06/18/13 at 10:26pm

An excellent show with great writing, excellent cast chemistry, an outstanding cast, action, some humor, and what...cancelled? This show obviously had a following and had survived being on different networks. Does everything have to be a stupid, vapid reality show or show nothing but confrontation between media whores looking for their 15 minutes of fame? What about those of us that want a gripping story, some drama, and excellent production values? Southland was like watching a mini-movie each week. This decision was made by a moron or a bean counter that would not know quality TV unless they stumbled over it in the dark.
06/16/13 at 06:09pm

let's see...TNT has cancelled Raising the Bar, Dark Blue and now Southland...know what? I'm thinking TNT DONT know Drama!!
Gayle DiBona
06/14/13 at 07:39am

Can't believe it! One of the best shows on TV and they cancel stupid!
06/11/13 at 04:55pm

I've been watching TV for 55 years, since "I Remember Mama" in 1948 and "The Lone Ranger" and "Captain Video" shortly after, so my viewer credentials are impeccable.
I can state without a doubt "Southland" was the most accurate, gritty, well-acted and realistic police drama EVER shown on TV.
How TNT could cancel this show is beyond me. Was their political pressure to cancel it by the City Of Los Angeles because of bad press?
I for one would like to know why?
06/05/13 at 06:43pm

c'mon wtf such a great show
05/30/13 at 08:13pm

That sucks, was a very good show, I live in Los Angles!

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