The Good Wife

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Sep 22, 2009 - May 08, 2016




Drama / Legal




Alicia - Julianna MarguliesDiane - Christine BaranskiWill - Josh CharlesCary - Matt CzuchryKalinda - Archie PanjabiPeter - Chris Noth

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A drama following the wife of a fallen-from-grace politician who revives her career as a defense attorney.

Alicia Florrick is the wife of a well known State Attorney. When her husband is jailed on charges of political corruption, Alicia decides to return to work as a Defense Lawyer.

Now, after spending a number of years as the good wife, Alicia finds herself starting over at the bottom of the career ladder, all while attempting to juggle her home and work life with the ongoing scandal surrounding her husband.

Comments (32)

03/09/15 at 10:43am

E: 14 S. 6 should not have aired. Better air nothing than put on this mediocre episode.
Maybe season 6 should be the end.
03/09/15 at 10:39am

I love the show so much and great and wonderful to. They should rewnew it for season 7
mike lannen
02/15/15 at 10:30pm

Good news The next episode will air march first with six more shows after that. It has been renewed for next year.
10/09/14 at 09:37pm

PLEASE CANCEL THIS STUPID SHOW ALREADY!!! Margulies's character is pathetic!
09/22/14 at 00:09am

Thanks sports fans! Once again a good show only gets the last 30 minutes of its time slot, due to a stupid game over run. I'd like to see some game be started late once just to see how their viewers like it.
David Wood
07/01/14 at 08:19pm

Really smart writing. Dramatic, quirky and often funny. Never dull. Always surprising.
The courtroom becomes a battleground where only the most cunning and ruthless fighters survive.
Pauline Love
05/13/14 at 02:09am

Oh no Will is dead does this mean that the show will be ending?
03/31/14 at 04:29am

This and last weeks episode actually brought me to tears. Not since NCIS lost the first female to a shooting at the end of season two was I so moved. I am a little shocked that mine is the first comment about this. Great show, cast and writing. Wish the best for all involved in this show. MKL
02/10/14 at 03:54pm

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW... I look forward to every episode.. AMAZING!
01/13/14 at 07:56am

LOVE this show. It, along with Parenthood, in my estimation are the two best shows on TV. Hope they're both around for a long run.

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