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Nov 03, 2009 - Mar 15, 2011




Drama / Sci-fi




Erica - Elizabeth MitchellRyan - Morris ChestnutJack - Joel GretschTyler - Logan HuffmanValerie - Lourdes BenedictoLisa - Laura VandervoortAnna - Morena BaccarinChad - Scott Wolf

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A science fiction drama that chronicles the arrival of a technologically advanced alien species on Earth which ostensibly comes in peace, but in reality has sinister motives.

The 2009 TV series of "V" is a re-imagining of the 1983 miniseries created by Kenneth Johnson.

Giant spaceships start to appear over dozens of major cities around the world. The extra-terrestrial "Visitors" claim that they come in peace and only need a small amount of Earth's resources, in exchange for which they will share their advanced technological and medical knowledge. When certain humans start to doubt their sincerity, an FBI counter-terrorism agent discovers that the aliens have spent decades infiltrating human governments, businesses, and religious institutions, and are now in the final stages of their plan to take over the Earth.

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05/10/15 at 09:58am

I am assuming after 4 years "V" is gone forever. What is wrong with the networks like ABC. I checked the ratings and compared them with a lot of shows popular at that time and since. "V" was beating many of them then and now. I will truly miss this show and watch both versions on DVD.
06/02/13 at 06:15pm

Can't believe that this show was cancelled. Loved the original series, and even more so the NEW series. Enjoyed the way old performers were brought into the new series, and with the previews for season 3 at the end of Season 2 with even more returning veterans, I was even more excited to see season 3. Then POOF, it's gone. Cancelled. What a shame. The show was amazing, heads and shoulders above so much of the crap out there that IS being renewed. Just a damn shame.
05/23/13 at 05:40am

What a good show and now its just gone. When will the TV stations learn what people really like. Do they care or is it all about money and whose pockets can get fuller.
03/18/13 at 06:22pm

The special effects were mix matched and it looked like they made a mess of the green screen they need to pull off these effects. The cgi was'nt that great either and the show was too slow paced and lacked more action. Im not suprised it was cancelled. I'll stick to the original as the first is allways better than any remake.
05/21/12 at 03:33pm

I loved the original V mini series and show that followed and was really looking forward to this reworking of the classic but hate to admit it it but I was dissappointed and am not surprised that it got cancelled although I will miss the blonde that played the alien daughter.
05/14/12 at 09:33pm

ABC ET says,"Phone Home"!! You must be out of touch with what your viewers want to see. V was a great show that was getting better with each episode. "This is how you kill your mother". Great Line. Too bad you never gave the show a chance.
05/14/12 at 12:41pm

I really liked this show. It was slow at first, but it really picked up. I couldn't stop watching it. BRING IT BACK!
05/14/12 at 11:36am

Yet another good tv show cancelled!!! And you wonder why ABC is going down the hole! I might just have to stop watching it all together!
Sandy Weller
04/17/12 at 11:52pm

'V' was one of my favorite shows. As usual, good Sci-fi gets canceled. I agree with others. why all the inane reality shows? They suck. I do not watch. When Star Trek was canceled it was revived because it was GREAT! Look how many spinoffs & movies came of it. Those that decide to cancel excellent shows are completely out of touch with what we really want. I have been paid $1 on 2 occasions to participate in Neilsen ratings. Guess they did not read mine.
04/04/12 at 06:42pm

Really another of my shows cancelled this sucks, you could have given it another couple years I wonder what they networks are thinking do the people making these decisions watch tv, reality tv is taking over and it sucks.

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