White Collar

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Oct 23, 2009 - Dec 18, 2014


Comedy / Drama




Neal - Matt BomerPeter - Tim DeKayMozzie - Willie GarsonLauren - Natalie MoralesElizabeth - Tiffani Thiessen

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A dramedy about an imprisoned con man who strikes a deal to work with the FBI.

Neal Caffrey is a con-man who was serving a four year sentence behind bars until, with a few months left on his jail term, he manages to escape from his maximum security prison.

The FBI agent who originally captured him tracks him down again. But this time, Caffrey gives the agent information about evidence in another case... for a price. Caffrey wants a deal where he will assist the FBI in catching criminals as part of a work-release program.

Comments (15)

larry white collar worker
12/28/16 at 07:29am

bring it back please one of the shows I've seen in years.
12/29/14 at 12:19pm

Most predicable ending ever, but I still enjoyed it, and it was one of the best.
12/18/14 at 07:54pm

So sad for the end. Have watched it from the beginning.
07/20/14 at 09:47pm

This is the final season and it's only 6 episodes long. It's basically to wrap up the show. Very disappointing. One of my favorite shows. :-(
01/24/14 at 09:27pm

I really enjoy this series, one of my FAVS!!! I hope they continue it as is with all the cast!!!
02/23/13 at 00:15am

I just love Neal. Also the way Peter and him get along. I think the whole show is great. I want Neal and Sarah back together. I was so happy to see the marathon on it as I got to catch up on the few I had missed. Glad its being picked up again.
06/22/12 at 08:09pm

Awesome show clever entertaining for the entire family, could use a bit more romance and family life for Peter is a bit stale and predictable, what about kids? Extended family? Broaden the charactures, romance for Neil, etc.... The show is solid keep I coming just expand and treat us viewers to a few more unsuspected surprises with the cast...... Thank you form the entire family all ages.....
06/07/12 at 11:07pm

White Collar is smart and humorous and fresh. The interactions between Neal and Peter, Mozzie and Neal, Peter and Elizabeth - just fit to a "T". It's one of the better shows on tv. GLAD it's renewed.
05/30/12 at 07:19pm

They are showing White Collar on Bravo here in Canada. Which is fantastic as I used to watch this show.
05/14/12 at 06:39pm

So glad we have more!! Good show!

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