Covert Affairs

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Jul 13, 2010 - Dec 18, 2014


Drama / Action




Annie - Piper PeraboAuggie - Christopher GorhamJoan - Kari MatchettDanielle - Anne DudekJai - Sendhil Ramamurthy

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A spy drama following a young CIA trainee.

Annie is a young CIA trainee who is mysteriously sent out into the field. Auggie, a blind officer, is Annie's guide in her new life.

Comments (33)

08/29/14 at 11:20am

Ya it's me again. I still like the show ... I just wish Annie wasn't sssoooo looose good grief girl, tighten it up paaaleeeze !!!
03/28/14 at 07:09pm

Hey ! Don't get me wrong, I love the show; but this is one of those shows that shouldn't have lasted as long as it has (my opinion). The premise is off the charts yet ... here it is. Kudos to the writers and cast. Somebodys doing something right !
10/08/13 at 04:53am

Renewed for Season 5. Thank The Gods. It's not often I get to care about charactersand have a reasonable storyline to boot. Bring on Season 5.
09/29/13 at 07:59am

All TV shows are essentially fantasy. Sometimes even the evening news is so spun up that it doesn't know where real is. As most of us know, the greatest fantasies on our screen are "Reality" shows. So if covert affairs is pure fantasy, and it is, so what... we watch these things to be entertained.
06/18/13 at 04:47pm

Glad Covert Affairs is being renewed. This is the one show I look forward to returning. Love this show.
05/29/13 at 06:24pm

Please continue this show. I love it!!!
04/21/13 at 07:48pm

LOVE THIS!! Please keep it going!!!!
04/03/13 at 09:50am

I don' care 'bout realism.
Spy shows are supposed to be fantasy. Ever heard of 007? The man has toys that put Copperfield, Mary Poppins, and even Kris Kringle to shame!
Anyhow, great to hear that Piper's coming back!
Marcia Clark
03/06/13 at 10:28am

One of our VERY FAVORITE shows!!!! The cast is fabulous and are great together!!!!
Vi Bauer
02/17/13 at 03:59pm

When is my favorite show Covert Affairs going to air for new season?

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