Covert Affairs

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Jul 13, 2010 - Dec 18, 2014


Drama / Action




Annie - Piper PeraboAuggie - Christopher GorhamJoan - Kari MatchettDanielle - Anne DudekJai - Sendhil Ramamurthy

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A spy drama following a young CIA trainee.

Annie is a young CIA trainee who is mysteriously sent out into the field. Auggie, a blind officer, is Annie's guide in her new life.

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08/03/16 at 08:33am

Enjoyed this show until the star was disabled.
09/15/15 at 07:52pm

Another good show cancelled- soon we can decrease our channels and just watch Netflix all week! All the good shows get cancelled but the stupid reality shows go on. Who the heck makes these choices in shows- they need to be cancelled!!
09/07/15 at 09:30am

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08/29/15 at 06:51pm

This show jumped the shark when the writers pushed Annie too fast and changed her from an idealistic newbie to a seasoned spy. Then it just got boring and predictable. And yes, getting together with Auggie took away one of the interesting story lines. Too bad. I really like watching the actors that play Annie and Auggie.
06/03/15 at 12:25pm

finally when Annie is happy in career and love they cancel the show - BULL!
05/03/15 at 01:10am

It's sad to see a GOOD TV show get cancelled. Covert Affairs was so GOOD that I looked forward to the next week's episode to air. I feel they made the mistake in 2013 of putting Auggie and Annie together as a couple. That didn't seem right, and then 2014 seemed to be written for a finale, but we, the fans, enjoyed the show. If new writes took over, then get the original back!!! We will sorely miss you.
Tanna Hoagland
05/01/15 at 09:35pm

I am so sorry this show has been cancelled. It was a great show and I loved watching it. The problem is that it kept being moved from one time to another,so I had a hard time finding it.... Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!
mike dobey
03/04/15 at 09:53am

I liked this show. And it only dropped in ratings when they stopped fighting international badguys. it's sad that it is gone though. The lesson here is that you should stick to fighting badguys who are not American if you want good ratings.
01/11/15 at 07:05pm

USA used to be one of my two "must have" channels. When I switched satellite companies I only cared that I received USA and TNT. Covert Affairs was the last reason I had to watch USA and with TNT canceling a lot of their shows reasons to watch TNT are quickly dwindling.
Cliff Lawrence
12/31/14 at 12:53pm

Season 5 (2014) was actually much more intellectual and in-the-field spywork, rather than intra-office squabbles..hope it is renewed for Season 6, with Arthur as a Senator ....good luck Piper Perabo !!!

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