Detroit 1-8-7

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Sep 21, 2010 - Mar 20, 2011




Drama / Crime




Det. Fitch - Michael ImperioliDet. Sanchez - Natalie MartinezDet. Washington - Jon Michael HillSgt. Longford - James McDanielLt. Mason - Aisha HindsDet. Stone - D.J. CotronaDet. Mahajan - Shaun MajumderDr. Ward - Erin Cummings

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A crime drama focused on a homicide unit in Detroit, MI.

Detroit 1-8-7 explores not only crime in the city, but also looks at various nooks and crannies within different communities to see the positive aspects of the city.

Comments (16)

09/26/14 at 07:47pm

Another good show canceled. Sad to see it go.
01/08/13 at 08:14am

Detroit 187, was a really good show, that should never have been cancelled. It had a great, great cast. The ratings were not there, I understand, so disappointing. I still watch the re-runs on Hulu, over and over. 1/8/13
10/21/12 at 02:15pm

Loved the show!
05/19/12 at 05:58pm

excellent show that should have stayed.... brilliantly written and cast...
05/08/12 at 11:04am

This was a great show! The acting and scripts were fabulous! Disappointed about the cancellation. :(
03/15/12 at 10:56pm

cant believe they cancelled this show it reminded me of the hit show hill street blues best cop show ever.
03/12/12 at 04:57pm

too many good shows are cancelled this being one of them
01/02/12 at 03:41pm

Wow! Finally a show that's worth watching and they pull the plug! Guess there's too many "Joe's"watching TV that can't understand a complex storyline! Thanks to all the Joe's of the world we get to sit back and watch another episode of Dancing with the Stars.........
12/18/11 at 07:49pm

Please bring this show back. It was GREAT!!!
12/01/11 at 02:47pm

Cannot believe this wonderful show was cancelled. The story line improved and grew each week. There was great interaction between the characters...It was great! I've heard some criticize that some police procedures weren't exact...thie is TV's for entertainment. They weren't training people for a career in law enforcement. I think it's a shame...It was a greally great show!

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