Detroit 1-8-7

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Sep 21, 2010 - Mar 20, 2011




Drama / Crime




Det. Fitch - Michael ImperioliDet. Sanchez - Natalie MartinezDet. Washington - Jon Michael HillSgt. Longford - James McDanielLt. Mason - Aisha HindsDet. Stone - D.J. CotronaDet. Mahajan - Shaun MajumderDr. Ward - Erin Cummings

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A crime drama focused on a homicide unit in Detroit, MI.

Detroit 1-8-7 explores not only crime in the city, but also looks at various nooks and crannies within different communities to see the positive aspects of the city.

Comments (16)

11/07/11 at 10:42pm

I agree. I invested my time to get to like this show and boom, they cancel quality shows like this but keep all the stupid reality shows. It reminded me of the old Homicide shows with various story lines. Joe, you would be one of those viewers who can't follow good dialogue but enjoys simpleton shows like Dancing with Stars and other similar crap
10/21/11 at 11:24pm

Man i really like this show...
10/15/11 at 05:20pm

Ha! I'm glad ABC cancelled this crappy show! It was a joke! Too many storylines that makes us people as the viewers got so confused during the whole hour while they were solving the lamest crimes!! Plus the actors were terrible! 187 means this show! CHOKED!
Jim Lepping
10/06/11 at 09:55pm

Such an AWESOME lineup of talent and the writers really delivered first rate quality material. I am so surprised that ABC cancealed Detroit 187. Maybe someone, somewhere might realize that Detroit 187 is better than other new shows being tried this season. Retool the show if you much but please, bring it back.
(I know it won't happen but I feel better now that I have expressed my opinion). Good luck to the cast...
09/18/11 at 02:39pm

NO!!!!! I loved this show! Please bring it back!!!
09/05/11 at 09:44am

They should not have Canceled this show either.. It was so good..

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