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Sep 08, 2010 - May 17, 2011


The CW






Marti - Alyson MichalkaSavannah - Ashley TisdaleDan - Matt BarrAlice - Heather HemmensLewis - Robbie JonesPatty - Elena Esovolova

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A comedy-drama set against a college cheerleading backdrop.

Marti is a college student who comes from the wrong side of the tracks. When budget cutbacks and her mother's carelessness cause her to lose her scholarship, she is forced to join the school's competitive cheerleading team, known as the Hellcats.

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Paul Williams
05/28/14 at 06:00pm

This was one of the most tragic cancellations of all time, IMHO. I was entranced by the characters, the story, the writing and, especially, the cast. I hope someone can find a way to bring it back!
05/17/12 at 10:33am

Seriously I wish you would bring it back on
05/14/12 at 05:22pm

Gotta be kidding me!!! Great show, especially for the family!!! That sux!!
05/14/12 at 01:16pm

please keep it! it was really great
04/24/12 at 01:26pm

is it supposed to be cancelled? thought its really a one season deal, so that's why the end is a cliffhanger, its cancelled?! too bad
04/21/12 at 05:22am

This show shouldnt of been cancelled. The story line and the characters was very interesting.
04/09/12 at 01:35am

I still believe that Hellcats is cancelled! Still very angry and I don't understand how it can happen me & all my friends (male & female) watched this show & loved it. It was an awesome show & we miss it so much! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02/27/12 at 04:34pm

They need to update the ratings system to match with the new DVR stuff... they are still going by the old days of rating. When people record the shows they dont give credit to it. Which stinks b/c I am one of the people that has to record my shows or I wont be able to watch them.... So Sad I like this show and MANY MANY others
02/17/12 at 11:17pm

very sad indeed as i loved de show n it was quite interstng neva know wats next is there anything we can do for de show to b brought back....
02/14/12 at 01:35pm

Ticked off I must say

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