Hot in Cleveland

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Jun 16, 2010 - Jun 03, 2015


TV Land






Melanie - Valerie BertinelliJoy - Jane LeevesVictoria - Wendie MalickElka - Betty White

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TV Land's first original scripted series.

Hot in Cleveland is a comedy following three past-their-prime entertainment industry veterans from Los Angeles whose lives are changed when their Paris-bound plane lands in Cleveland, Ohio.

There, they find a welcoming community that is less shallow than Los Angeles. One of the women leases a home with a sassy caretaker.

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04/08/15 at 09:28pm

I love this show don't take off its so cute and funny.
04/01/15 at 09:27am

Please don't take this great show off the air. I love Betty White but the show can stand on it's own without Betty.
Ron Halder
03/14/15 at 03:49pm

Women please rethink you can always being Betty in for a show now and then but the three of you are so good together, I've always have loved Betty she makes any show but you guys have it all together. And you really owe it to Betty to keep it going I just hope when I'am 93 I have the will to keep going like Betty will always love her. Thanks TV Land for bring us this great show...
03/14/15 at 08:37am

Why not keep the show going and have Betty White do guests appearances?? They might as well give it a try with the three of them as I just hate to see another good GREAT show go off the air!! Please re-think it...we need the humor in our lives!!!!
03/11/15 at 10:50am

I will miss this wonderful show. I really enjoy it. Will there be any new shows. I noticed that the last date in in JULY. When will it be back on?
03/08/15 at 11:44pm

Been a fan of all the ladies throughout their careers.
A shame for the show to end. Sorry Betty White has
Some health issues but it's bound to happen at 93 she's a tough
Gal. But I don't think the show should end since the story lines are
Based on Joy, Melanie and Victoria starting a new life in Cleveland.
Elka (aka Betty White) was an added bonus. I'll miss watching new
03/08/15 at 06:35am

JUST FYI: The show is indeed ending but it was the cast's decision to end the show. It is not ending due to cancellation. Betty White has been having some health issues and it's just become a little much for the 93 year old actress. If you've noticed, she spends most shows in a sitting position now, as she's become essential steady on her feet. Out of respect and love for her, the other ladies felt it better to end the show, Han to replace her. I agree, s she's irreplaceable.....
03/07/15 at 10:14am

Why is this show being cancelled???
At least give a reason, if it has to do with a health
problem, that's understandable. It's a
great, funny show. Reconsider, so looked
forward to watching every week.
03/05/15 at 09:50pm

Please rethink your decision about canceling Hot in Cleveland. Really love this show!!! Those ladies are so wonderful and work so well together. They are all great, love all of them. So enjoy watching this show every week. Please don't cancel.
timothy furnier
03/01/15 at 01:00am

I've never really watched the show, but the commercials for it look funny as anything. I don't know why TVLand would cancel the show. It's got to be getting better ratings than re-runs. Ultimately, it doesn't matter to me because I'm tired of TV stations being created only to stray so far from their original concept that they'll do anything to stay on, ie. MTV.

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