Law & Order: LA

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Sep 29, 2010 - Jul 11, 2011




Drama / Crime




TJ - Corey StollArleen - Rachel TicotinRicardo - Alfred MolinaJoe - Terrence HowardConnie - Alana de la GarzaRex - Skeet UlrichEvelyn - Regina HallLauren - Megan Boone

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A Los Angeles-based spinoff of the popular Law & Order franchise.

The Law & Order format is taken to the West Coast, where the glitz, glamor, and guilt of Los Angeles is brought into the spotlight.

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02/15/12 at 05:12pm

Dan you are right about the crazy cast changes. The original detective team was the best! Stupid decisions....
02/15/12 at 05:10pm

Another huge programming blunder! One of the best cast of actors on TV. BRING IT BACK! were great....Corey you were amazing....
02/15/12 at 02:33pm

This show is still on the air. Is the end date changed?
11/08/11 at 08:34pm

Oh, yeah - I liked it too.
11/08/11 at 08:34pm

Joe, you're being unnecessarily harsh. There's no reason for that.

True, the stories weren't in the same league as the other L&O franchises, but the show was new, character development was being done, and the writers were looking for that soap opera "hook" the other L&Os have. And the show was badly mismanaged - I mean, really, kill off a character and then run new shows featuring him?

The cast changes were also badly done, as was some of the casting itself. Alfred Molina as ADA, yes; as a detective (with a totally unbelievable reason for the change), no. Terrance Howard's character was made to look more inept than capable. And Alana De La Garza's character's relocation to L.A. was only slightly more believable than Molina's, but could have worked. The best casting was the original detective team ( a definite yin for yang developing from Episode 1), their boss, who was later re-charactered as a closeted lesbian (this should have been done either right from the get-go or somewhere in the second or third season), and Peter Coyote as the politically-ambitious DA.

To sum it up - I think the series could have been saved if it wasn't so badly mismanaged as to make me wonder if it was f***ed up by design.
10/20/11 at 08:21pm

I loved that show...bring it back
10/15/11 at 05:10pm

Laura...are you nuts?! This was the worst spinoff ever! It had a terrible group of low rated actors! Plus the stories were really bad and silly enough for some stupid people like you thought it was funny! Hahaha! The joke was on you!
09/09/11 at 10:07am

I can't believe this! This show is great, funny and had a great cast. This is just wrong

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