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A reality series documenting the life of a polygamist family in Utah.

Sister Wives is an unscripted reality show following advertising salesman Kody Brown and his family. Brown is 41 and has three wives - Meri, 39; Janelle, 40; Christine, 37 - and thirteen children among them. The only legal marriage is between Kody and his first wife Meri, while the others are considered spiritual unions.

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10/19/14 at 01:06pm

Love love love this show... more of it please
Grace Lobermier
10/12/14 at 03:38pm

When will this show be on air again and on what network? I love the show.
06/15/14 at 07:07pm

I love this family and I think people should live they
the way they want to live. Its not for everyone for sure
I know I could not do it because I'm to insecure and would be jealous of the other wife's so if you can live and be so kind to one other I give them created, good for them. All the best to them and all the family.
06/09/14 at 00:26am

Love this show! Love this Family! Regardless of how they live their lives..We all should be So lucky to have loving and giving people around us with such Love and Support! People shouldn't judge.. Are we all perfect? They have found what works for them and they should not be judged for finding Love!. This is a free country. They don't condemn us for our monogamous relationships. Let them live and be happy!
05/28/14 at 03:46pm

The airing of this stupid show is embarrassing for females everywhere. Not only do these women have no self esteem....they are stupid enough to work to support his sorry ass so he can strut around like a rooster in a hen house. You women need to "grow some balls"....kick his ass out, divorce him and hit him up for child support....would love to see that on T.V.
02/25/14 at 07:56pm

Awful show bowering and no family should live like this
12/30/13 at 11:38am

I don't watch the show often but every time I do there goes Merri and her daughter crying. Seriously do they feel that left out or are they crying to get what they want.
12/26/13 at 06:07pm

Women find you a man that wants you and only you. How do you sleep at night when you know he is humping your sister!! You women are messed up! So sad, please all of you tell him to go to hell!
04/02/13 at 12:35pm

Wow Aileen...don't know much, do you? I watch the show;
I am a Christian (in case you don't know what that means, I have a relationship with Christ so I am not "religious" as you put it). I am a happily married intelligent wife & mother of an amazing son and I also work full-time. Although polygamy is not for me, I can see nothing but love in this huge happy family. To me, your words speak volumes of loneliness, bitterness & hatred. To each his own, and live & let live...shame on YOU :(
01/28/13 at 12:42pm

Ok miss aileen, you meed to speak only on what you know. Obviously you are the un educated person with no tact or class. Sometimes keeping your opinion s to yourself is a lot more intelligent. Please do not speak of what you do not know of. Who are we to judge that is not our jobs. I love theses ladies and respect them in thier faith it may not be for you, thats fine. People hate on things thwy dont understand. As long as these woman and this family has love who cares what thier preferances are.

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