The Event

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Sep 20, 2010 - May 23, 2011




Drama / Sci-fi




Sean - Jason RitterLeila - Sarah RoemerPresident Martinez - Blair UnderwoodSophia - Laura InnesBlake - Å½eljko IvanekSimon - Ian Anthony DaleMichael - Scott PattersonThomas - Clifton Collins Jr.Vice President Jarvis - Bill SmitrovichChristina - Lisa VidalVicky - Taylor ColeGreg - Wes Ramsey

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A mystery thriller with an element of science fiction.

Sean Walker is a man who, while investigating the mysterious disappearance of his fiancee, ends up unraveling the biggest cover-up in U.S. history.

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04/18/12 at 01:35pm

For some reason never could get back into this show after first season... Season 2 premiere came and nonone knew...I think alot of people had this problem
Laura Harris
04/15/12 at 06:56pm

I totally disagree with the show being cancelled. I agree with others on here that you have us get into the show and then....someone decides to ZAP it!! You will finally have me to the point of not starting to watch one of your new shows!! Why not bring back some that you have cancelled and see what happens!?? NBC, I am VERY disappointed in you! In my own personal opinion you should of not let Jay Leno go as you did.....didn't work did it??!!
02/15/12 at 05:15pm

Is this a government conspiracy, first Rubicon now The Event. Are you people whacked for cancelling these great shows. I just don't get it. Everytime I like a show you cancel it. Is there something wrong with me or do I have a brain. GET RID OF THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THESE DECISIONS!!!!!
01/09/12 at 06:51pm

I don't understand why they cannot have a provision to finish a show before it is cancelled. They should decide before the actors finish filming,so that they could put together a few episodes to round it off. This would do wonders for DVD sales, as who wants to watch an unresolved series?
12/13/11 at 12:15pm

Another GREAT show cancelled. Someone please explain how shows like "Dancing with the Stars" manage to get good ratings? They can't even dance!!! At least let us know what happens in the season finale if you aren't going to give us another season. grrr...
11/13/11 at 06:14pm

Well, another GREAT show cancelled or at least left hanging. What is wrong with you people in LA and Hollyweird? Please bring this show back NBC....stop with all the reality and CSI this and CSI that. The Event was a great show with great talent, interesting story line. We NEVER missed an episode. Please...bring back The EVENT! Get a clue what America wants...
11/12/11 at 02:46am

There should be a law stating if a network creates a show they should complete it to the end. How many freaking shows from Caprica, The Event, V, Invasion, Nowhere Man, Fire Fly, get created, I get suckered into a plot never finished at all. BS!)@$I%RYUT!@
Lori I
10/18/11 at 09:19am

I was soooooo disappointed to be left hanging.... i used to dvr the episodes when i would miss. Used to look forward to watching each Monday night.... nothing else on and i got hooked to the show. Can't believe they would not end it at least!!!
They should write a few more episodes and maybe the ratings would shoot up with some exciting ending......having viewers want more.

I watch Parenthood and that better never end........ and Jason Ritter is in that too.
10/15/11 at 05:27pm

Cathy...what are you thinking? This show sucked! It had the worst cast ever! Thie storyline was lame! Glad NBC cancelled it very quickly before we really were kidnapped by aliens!
10/06/11 at 07:57am

There needs to be a push back and boycott from the consumers to make these network idiots to sit up and take note.

They should not be allowed to waste hundreds of hours of our viewing time and then just cancel the show willy nilly without wrapping it up.

If the ratings are down and you want to cancel go ahead and do so but show some sense of accountability towards your viewers and make 3-4 more episodes to kinda sorta wrap up the damn story.

Hate the @#%@#!%#$@%ing studios for axing shows in the middle of the story.

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