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Nov 21, 2010 - Jun 28, 2016








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A driving series tracking the history of the automobile and celebrating the art of driving.

An adaptation of the long-running UK series, Top Gear on the History Channel is a celebration of the art of driving.

The show is hosted by comedian and car aficionado Adam Ferrara, champion racer Tanner Foust, and racing analyst Rutledge Wood. Together, these three explore the colorful history of the automobile with features such as extreme stunts and challenges, car reviews, and celebrity interviews.

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09/21/16 at 06:12am

Really a shame to cancel this show. It was fun to watch.
07/06/16 at 01:27pm

The last season on Top Gear US was way better than the concurrent BBC Top Gear with Matt LeBlanc and that boring Englishman.
When is Amazon going to air Jezzo, The Midget and Captain Slow?
History will probably replace it with another show about other peoples junk, like Pawn Stars and Pickers. Yawn!
05/17/16 at 09:25am

I love this show! It's the only car show I can stand watching with my husband.
Al in Michigan
04/29/15 at 02:59pm

They should be driving American cars. I can get much better reviews of the foreign cars on BBC.
How about pulling wars between Ford, GMC, and Dodge diesel trucks?
bobby davis
04/21/15 at 01:13pm

is top gear still on the air and if so when is the new season start?
10/21/14 at 07:55pm

The first few seasons were not great but unlike most shows on TV this one has been better each season. It's like it took them a few years to figure out what they were doing.
Now it's great. Please don't cancel.
And for those of you who think the BBC version is better why don't you just move over there and start eating their terrible food too.
04/16/14 at 06:48pm

are you guysfor real?the bbc version of top gear think all you americans are fat,stupid and lazy. do you not watch the show?
10/19/13 at 11:06am

This is abviously a lame ripoff of the BBC show, this show really needs to go away.
Unlucky 13
10/16/13 at 02:42pm

I think that the BBC original is by far superior to History Channel's version. However, the U.S. incarnation is not as bad as people make it out to be. I do believe that this is the only version of Top Gear to air on "Commercial" television. Other foreign versions including the U.K. one are on government sponsored networks. Except for PBS, almost every network and production studio must be mindful of advertisers when making any program. Took Top Gear, USA 3 seasons to find an acceptable format to viewers and sponsors. Do keep that in mind when critiquing this show.
12/07/12 at 11:50pm

While I agree that this show is not as good as its U.K. counterpart, (almost every episode is a direct ripoff of an episode of Top Gear U.K., but hey, it's a format that seems to work) I still enjoy watching the interactions of the 3 stooges, I mean, "hosts." Also nice to see cars featured that I can go to a dealership and look at here in the U.S. instead of U.K. Will continue to watch this AND the original BBC version.

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