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A reality TV series where executives from various companies go undercover among their workforce.

Each episode of this series features a high-positioned executive or owner of a corporation going undercover as an entry-level employee competing for a position in their own company.

They spend approximately one week undercover, working in various areas of the company's operations and getting to meet selected employees, learning about their professional and personal challenges.

At the end of the week, the boss unveils their true identity to the entire workforce.

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01/29/20 at 11:42pm

If they just would have aired the Kylo Ren episode of the show probably would’ve lasted!
michael dobey
05/28/17 at 01:02pm

it's not scripted. So it's not fake. This is what the producers say: "Bosses don't know exactly where they're going to go, and they don't know exactly with whom they're going to work, because we want them to [have] an authentic experience." So they are undercover bosses mostly. That's why this has been on tv for so long in tv years.
03/21/17 at 05:07pm

05/15/16 at 04:09pm

Why is it so hard to find out when this show is on ...
09/04/15 at 04:10pm

We love this show. Can somebody please tell us when the new season is going to start? Please
07/27/15 at 11:52am

This is an Awesome show!! It makes me cry every time I watch an episode. It's great to see upper management going out into the trenches and trying out the jobs. Their disguises are fun. The workers stories are heart wrenching and eye opening. The gifting is so much fun to watch and the dressing down of bad employees even better. After the show is over its fun to see the commercials. For example the Donatos Pizza I see the girl who did the show now doing commercials and my image goes back to Undercover Boss and the disguise she wore. Makes me go to Donatos pizza before any of the others. Same with White Castles and Popeyes. Its just a sweet charming fun show!! Everyone should tune in.
10/25/13 at 09:00pm

@ Jimmy. Your comment proves to me that a lot of workers know about this show and pretend not to know who the new hire is. They put on this great act just to get a big bonus or some other gratuity from a CEO. This show reminds me of the hidden camera commercials. "Look folks, it's a hidden camera"! (Doesn't mean anybody doesn't know it's not there.
05/12/13 at 10:01pm

I won't give away any secrets to the show.
But let me say this that someone I know through a friend was suppose to be on an episode in the past. There business got a letter stating that a crew would film an episode of a show about someone trying to get a job and they may appear on tv and if they do get called in to be interviewed they may win some prizes.
Well of course they didnt choose the guy that I know through the friend but someone he knows got some stuff from the CEO when at the end he found out it was Undercover Boss.
03/15/13 at 06:10pm

For lack of a better 'omg" I JUST WATCHED Tilted kilt episode I have viewed Many of your programs.. This one Touched My Soul, Heart, and Mind... BRAVO!!!! Im in Clearwater Florida. There is a Tilted Kilt down the street from me.. and after tonight.. I am taking my whole family to visit.. to sum this episode up PERFECT!!!!!03/15/2013 KEEP IT UP PEOPLE GREAT JOB!!!!
02/01/13 at 07:23am

I still can't figure out after all this time, how people with horrific wigs, fake looking mustaches, etc. don't raise anyone's suspicions when they come in with a whole camera crew regardless of the story. I've never seen such ridiculous disguises.

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