A Gifted Man

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Sep 23, 2011 - Mar 02, 2012








Michael - Patrick WilsonAnna - Jennifer EhleChristina - Julie BenzMilo - Liam AikenRita - Margo Martindale

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A drama following a surgeon who questions the meaning of life after he begins seeing his deceased ex-wife.

Michael is a brilliant and charismatic surgeon whose ex-wife has passed away. When she appears to him from the hereafter, Michael starts learning the meaning of life and his place in the world. His work-obsessed and materialistic lifestyle may not be the road he is meant to travel.

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Lisa Prall
05/18/13 at 09:24pm

I thought this was a great story. Why cancel it? Please bring it back!
Linda Lee
05/16/13 at 02:04pm

I watch this show on Netflix. Why would anybody cancel it. Excellent dramas and great acting - go figure.
04/16/13 at 05:14pm

I watched this show on netflix and can't believe it was cancelled after a single season. definitely the best program I have seen in a while. go figure.
mike l
03/30/13 at 05:46am

the ratings were not bad for this show but here we go the mucky mucks smoking crack dumped this show. Even though it has been a year my feelings are still the same. A great loss of a good show. MKL
03/21/13 at 08:19am

me and my husband totally liked this show and surprised why it never came back after a season.. it is one of those decent shows that is worth watching.. I agree with the other comments that tv stations should cut back on those lousy reality shows that doesn't give any good message to the public. Please do focus on tv shows that has substance and teaches something good like the GIFTED MAN..!!!
03/19/13 at 04:59pm

Why are you stopping decent shows??? A Gifted Man, The Mod Doctor were excellent, 24, CSI:Florida, But awful shows are still on Bones, Survivor, cooking show that bring on stars talking for half the show-ug, and reality shows.. Are you going towards the young children??? Very disappointed, hope some come back. Linda
03/12/13 at 05:34pm

like so many of the comments, i was very disappointed that this show had been cancelled. i have never thought of entering the medical field, and still don't, but i was so intrigued in watching this medical drama. jesus said "i come to serve not be served" ,and this doctor depicted that. i just loved the show. i do hope that cbs would read all over two hundred comments and give this show another chance.
03/11/13 at 07:57pm

I just discovered this show on netflix and loved it. I watched the entire first two seasons in two days. I'm so terribly disappointed to discover that the show has been canceled. I found the series very interesting, creative and well written and cast. I don't know that it matters what I write today but just need to say this show should be saved. Can the adults in this world have nothing entertaining to view on TV? Think it over CBS.
02/20/13 at 08:26pm

Another great family show bites the dirt
BOO on the networks
Germaine Medina
02/13/13 at 12:32pm

Love this show! Wish CBS would bring it back. Big mistake!

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