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Jun 11, 2011 - Oct 22, 2012




Drama / Sci-fi




Lee - David StrathairnGary - Ryan CartwrightCameron - Warren ChristieRachel - Azita GhanizadaNina - Laura MennellBill - Malik Yoba

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A science fiction series following people with superhuman abilities.

Alphas look like regular people but are known for having superhuman abilities. Dr. Lee Rosen, noted neurologist and psychologist, has recruited five of these Alphas to him prevent crimes committed by other suspected Alphas.

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09/11/13 at 12:54pm

Just caught it on Netflix watched all 24 episodes in 2 weeks and just saw the last episode! Wtf sooooo pissed what an ending b.s.
08/31/13 at 11:24am

Alphas was awesome!! WTF SYFY!!!???
08/25/13 at 07:14pm

syfy u suck!
08/06/13 at 03:53pm

So alphas wasn't even good enough to give a ******* farewell to?! Come on syfy the least you could have done was not end it on a ******* cliff hanger... WHO IS DEAD WHO IS NOT!!! the beam was suposed to make alphas stronger!! Why did skylar say it kills people "mostly"!! AGH come on end with some ***** class!
06/19/13 at 10:14pm

RIP Alphas :/
Lee Parnell
05/30/13 at 08:13pm

Alphas was phenomenal...a brilliant of the best shows in years...and SYFY once again abandoned "the customer" by cancelling the show. Just bad Management by NBC Universal...a bad brand and viewers should remember and respond negatively. Comment on the stock !!
05/16/13 at 07:01pm

dang it another good interesting show cancelled!
05/13/13 at 09:22am

Why bother to start watching ANY new shows on SYFY? They only cancel them when they get get good! ALPHAS?? Come on now it was great! What good show is next? I think I'm dropping SCFY from my subscription. What other great show will be cancelled in the middle. SYFY went from being. BADASS, cutting edge network to one of the WORST. You all SUCK SCFY!!!
05/12/13 at 02:55pm

Alphas was an awesome show!! I watched every week, now to be left hanging...crap!
Karl Barnes
05/11/13 at 03:18pm

They are crazy for pulling a great show like alphas. Why are there shows that are just awful; like Jersey shore, Alphas was an entertaining show that resembled the X-Men.

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