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Jun 11, 2011 - Oct 22, 2012




Drama / Sci-fi




Lee - David StrathairnGary - Ryan CartwrightCameron - Warren ChristieRachel - Azita GhanizadaNina - Laura MennellBill - Malik Yoba

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A science fiction series following people with superhuman abilities.

Alphas look like regular people but are known for having superhuman abilities. Dr. Lee Rosen, noted neurologist and psychologist, has recruited five of these Alphas to him prevent crimes committed by other suspected Alphas.

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Caydence J
04/13/15 at 10:44pm

Sometimes I think that the powers that be should think about putting their shows on Netflix so if/when there's a threat of their shows being cancelled, they can make an argument that they have a following and produce the Netflix #'s to show that there's enough people who want to watch it. Then they can get a percentage of the marketing proceeds from Netflix or (Amazon Prime) to justify keeping the show running.
11/16/14 at 06:41pm

Just came on here to see what people where saying bout the show glad to see I wasn't the only person who loved the show.
10/09/14 at 02:36pm

This is a great show. I watch the few episodes on Netflix.
09/30/14 at 07:12am

should hav never cancelled alphas- lots of drama, suspense damn good story lines totally believable- why please bring alphas back. we need them- not more reality tv shows.
08/25/14 at 01:19am

It seems every show that I like gets cancelled after the 2nd or 3rd season yet 'Jersey Shore', 'American Idol', 'Dancing with the stars', 'survivor', 'naked and afraid', and all of the other dumb shows seem to run forever.... Maybe I should just be stupid and like unintelligent things like the rest of America!!
05/07/14 at 07:34am

Marvels Shield spelled doom for this show. shame.
05/01/14 at 12:58pm

Why o why in the US do you cancel a really good show after a cliff hanger. SciFy seems to be cutting back on original programming - someone should tell Comcast is it,that thats why people watch.
04/07/14 at 10:08pm

anther interesting and thinking show gone. maybe we can have another lame reality show instead. yipee
01/23/14 at 10:50am

this is why i no longer give a crap about what Sys F Hypes up...
09/19/13 at 11:34pm

I came to my parents house because that had to be watched big screen. Tons of people liked this show so why was it canceled?

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