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Jan 09, 2011 - Present




Bob - H. Jon BenjaminTina - Dan MintzGene - Eugene MirmanLinda - John RobertsLouise - Kristen Schaal

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An animated sitcom about a man, his family, and their struggling burger restaurant.

Bob Belcher is a third-generation restaurateur who runs "Bob's Burgers", with a little help from his family. Bob knows how to serve up great tasting food, but faces obstacles on the business side of the operation.

In Bob's family are his wife Linda, who supports his dream, their eldest daughter Tina, who is an awkward teenager, their middle child Gene, a prankster, and their youngest daughter Louise, who is full of energy.

Comments (94)

04/03/16 at 06:58am

Not much to say except... terrible.
01/19/16 at 05:44pm

fox cancel bob burgers its crap
01/19/16 at 05:43pm

bring back the cleveland show please fox the cleveland show was a popular show it had good reviews it made 4 seasons so it did pretty while i know someday they will bring it back cleveland does not belong on family guy hes barely a person we barely know him i hope they bring it back bob burgers it crap its a sloppy show cancel bob burgers bring back tcs a lot of people liked the cleveland show it made 4 seasons it had a good run they were people who liked tcs it had higer ratings than bob burgers bring back tcs cancel bob burgers who ever likes bob burgers dont know a good show cancel bob burgers the cleveland show is a masterpiece
01/10/16 at 04:36pm

The way the characters are written is absolutely brilliant. Really the best cartoon on fox since family guy and the Simpsons went to shit years ago, American dad was moved to TBS, and king of the hill was ended/canceled.
01/04/16 at 06:48pm

Bring back the Cleveland show cancel bob burgers tcs was a popular spin off how it made 4 seasons they will bring back like with fg tcs was a popular show it has bigger ratings than bob burgers cancel bob burgers everybody loves tcs because it had a good run nobody loves bob burgers its crap
01/03/16 at 07:54pm

Good riddance to The Cleveland show. The most rank disgusting show they have put out so far. All this show contained was throwing up on EVERY show. Passing gas and picking noses. Was never funny or clever. Just classless juvenile junk. It sucked it was the worst and we cheered when it was pulled. Seth McFarlan who came up with this doozy, refused to do the voice of the bear after the second season because it sucked so bad. Enough said?
01/03/16 at 07:43pm

King of the Hill, one of the best decided NOT to go on with the show on after Brittany Murphys death.
American Dad one of the best as is Bobs Burgers. Bring those two back!!!!!
People talking about one being " cleaner" than the other. Good lord. These are not kiddie cartoons. They are adult shows in animation. Animation Sunday! I'm sick that there are no new American Dad or Bobs Burgers.
And to the person who said Bobs Burgers is "cleaner" because American Dad had Steve selling illegal stuff out of the back of the van....he was selling fake ids!!!! Lol Give me a break. Bring back Bobs Burgers and American Dad NOW.
01/03/16 at 06:23pm

Bobs burgers is a very funny show,and Pete get over Cleavland, its done and wasn't very funny.
12/08/15 at 02:09pm

bring back the cleveland show
12/08/15 at 08:17am


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