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Jan 09, 2011 - Present




Bob - H. Jon BenjaminTina - Dan MintzGene - Eugene MirmanLinda - John RobertsLouise - Kristen Schaal

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An animated sitcom about a man, his family, and their struggling burger restaurant.

Bob Belcher is a third-generation restaurateur who runs "Bob's Burgers", with a little help from his family. Bob knows how to serve up great tasting food, but faces obstacles on the business side of the operation.

In Bob's family are his wife Linda, who supports his dream, their eldest daughter Tina, who is an awkward teenager, their middle child Gene, a prankster, and their youngest daughter Louise, who is full of energy.

Comments (96)

Steve S.
09/25/22 at 01:00am

What the last guy said
Steve S.
09/26/21 at 02:45am

I watched part of the first episode of the first season and I thought this cartoon would flop fast. Yet it flips. Cartoons have since multiplied like contest shows. I believe cartoons are relatively inexpensive to make but I otherwise don't get it.
01/04/19 at 09:15am

Cancel this SH*T! it sucks, bob'b boogers is garbage!
09/05/16 at 11:37am

Bring back tcs cancel bob burgers its crap
Takara O'Pharrow
08/09/16 at 06:15pm

I absolutely love Bob's Burgers. The humor is amazing. I just don't even have the words. It's smart humor without being pretentious, I appreciate that. Great show!
08/04/16 at 11:42am

stop hating on bobs burgers. it's literally a really good show. nobody wants your other shit shows to back
Taylor Icenhower
08/02/16 at 09:48pm

I love the show and hope to see many more seasons of it! I also hope to see the Cleveland Show brought back ♡ , I don't care much for American Dad.
07/25/16 at 09:54pm

Cancel bob burgers its crap bring back tcs
05/24/16 at 06:35pm

This show sucks!!! When are they going to cancel it and put on something good? Must be a show belonging to one of the sponsor's kids, sucky or not we get to suffer!
05/01/16 at 10:17am

Cancel bob burgers it's crap bring back tcs

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