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Oct 28, 2011 - Mar 31, 2017




Drama / Fantasy




Nick - David GiuntoliMonroe - Silas Weir MitchellHank - Russell HornsbyJuliette - Bitsie TullochAdalind - Claire CoffeeCaptain Renard - Sasha RoizSgt. Wu - Reggie LeeRosalee - Bree Turner

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A fantasy drama set in world of police work where all the cases have a storybook connection - but not always a happy ending.

Grimm puts a new spin on the well-known fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. Set in modern-day Portland, detective Nick Burkhardt's world is about the be turned upside down. A visit from his only living relative informs him that he is a descendant of hunters known as "Grimms".

The Grimms fight to keep humanity safe from the supernatural creatures of the world. When he finds out that he is the last of his kind, Nick realizes that he must protect every living soul from the evil storybook characters that have infiltrated the real world.

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Couch Potato
01/28/17 at 06:03am

ABOUT TIME! The Grimm(Nick) has out lived his usefulness. Others can see Wesen woge,and they have better powers than the Grimm. I thought we were going to see him evolve, he never did neither did the show.
01/25/17 at 03:21pm

It is with extreme disappointment I have learned that Grimm will not be renewed for a Season 7. It has been a refreshing application of the fairy tales to modern day Portland. Hope you will consider renewing this enjoyable program.
01/25/17 at 12:23pm

Needless to say I agree with all the positive comments about Grimm. What I want to know is why it is being discontinued??? Did an actor die? Not get paid enough? I live near Portland and doubt that the city refused filming the show there. Either continue the show or give answers why not please.
01/16/17 at 09:06am

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! One of the best shows out there and you cancel it! Please Please let another network like SYFY pick this show up. For all you haters out there, TURN YOUR CHANNEL. HANDS DOWN ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS ON NBC!
12/15/16 at 09:58am

I do not want to insult anyone's sensitivities but I cannot believe this juvenile show lasted beyond a pilot and first few episodes let alone 6 seasons. Good riddance.
11/23/16 at 07:24pm

the only good show on tv why do they always cancel the good ones dum asses
Kathleen Piersons
11/13/16 at 02:40pm

I am not surprised Grim is being cancelled. You cancel all the really good shows. This is the best show on tv. Completely different than anything that has been on tv. Excellent characters, plots, everything. The kind of shows you all keep on are about doctors, reality, lawyers, ad murder. There are just a few that are different and worth watching Grim is one. I cannot imagine where you get your information from. We wait for this to come back each year, What a mistake.
10/06/16 at 09:44pm

NBC... u have lost a viewing house hold by cancelling my FAVORITE show on television. Who makes these stupid decisions over there? Why not replace it with another reality show.
It's always about the all mighty dollar.
So sad for you all..
Dave James
10/03/16 at 01:05pm

I hope they give Silas and Bree their own show. Maybe the little shop of (?). I'll really miss them.
Dave James
09/29/16 at 08:45pm

I lost interest when it started going off track. Thanks writers!

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