I Hate My Teenage Daughter

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Nov 30, 2011 - May 20, 2012








Annie - Jaime PresslyNikki - Katie FinneranSophie - Kristi LaurenMackenzie - Aisha Dee

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A comedy following two single mothers struggling to raise their teenage daughters.

Annie and Nikki are best friends who used to be outcasts in high school. Now their pasts are affecting their own parenting styles, leading to difficult and over-privileged daughters.

Annie was raised in a strict, religious household with very little freedom, yet she allows her daughter to do anything she pleases. Nikki used to be unpopular and overweight but is now a pretty southern belle who puts providing for her daughter at the top of her list.

As their daughters - best friends - begin to experience the first meaningful events in their lives, Annie and Nikki are reminded of their own tortured adolescent years. But when their girls' behavior crosses the line, they quickly realize that they must implement the same strict rules that they once despised in their younger years.

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05/23/12 at 08:41am

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Eric byrd
01/23/12 at 03:21pm

Great.show me and my daughters love watching it plus I.get to spend time with my girls and everyone knows its hard to get time when there teenagers the must like it cause the make sure there home every week its on keep it running it always sucks when a good family show like this gets cancelled so keep it running and jamie presley is funny and hot
01/11/12 at 08:42am

Love this show! I don't understand how you can't, it's so funny. I think it's more of a chick show. My mom and me are really close so we love to watch it together. Haven't seen it on in awhile, it better not be cancelled!!!
01/10/12 at 07:32pm

Everyone who knew a mean girl in high school should get this show. I mean, imagine you wake up one morning and realize you are raising the girl who made your life miserable for four years! How could that not be funny?
01/02/12 at 08:23pm

I think it's a cute show! Anyone who finds it offensive really needs to take a look at their relationship with their teenager. You need to take things in stride, laugh with your kids and don't make them hide who they are... I want to know what my teenagers are doing and having unrealistic expectations for your child will only drive them to rebel...secretly, most likely!
12/29/11 at 03:19pm

LOVE THIS SHOW. It's a refreshing role to see Jaime Pressley in. The characters Nikki and Gary are especially funny!
Dave James
12/27/11 at 03:35pm

Hate it! We have a teenage daughter, as does my brother and his wife, as does my next door neighbor. None of us see any humor in this show at all.
09/23/11 at 01:48am

very very funny!!

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