Last Man Standing

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Oct 11, 2011 - Present






Mike - Tim AllenVanessa - Nancy TravisMandy - Molly McCookKristin - Alexandra KrosneyEd - Hector ElizondoEve - Kaitlyn Dever

A comedy following one man's mission to reclaim his manhood in a house dominated by women.

Mike Baxter is a man's man. He drives a pick-up truck and works as a marketing director for a sporting goods store. But while he may be the king of the hill at work, he's the odd man out at home.

The females dominate the household, namely his wife and their three daughters. And with Mike's wife returning to the workplace, he is now faced with handling even more of the parenting workload.

Comments (160)

05/23/19 at 05:41am

Great show great characters
05/03/19 at 06:09pm

It gets better and better and better!!!’
Mike Baxter
04/18/19 at 11:12am

Renewed for Season 8!!
Mike Baxter
03/12/19 at 01:01pm

We're limited to just 5 stars??
Peter Quincy Taggart
02/16/19 at 04:15pm

Big mistake for ABC = big pickup for Fox
Jason Nesmith
02/11/19 at 08:32pm

Funny television worth watching.
02/04/19 at 09:36am

I think this show is glad that Big Bang theory is ending so it can get title of "Worst Comedy on TV." Who uses laugh tracks anymore. If a joke is funny we don't need to be told to laugh.
John H. Schneider II
01/19/19 at 10:21pm

Probably the best comedy currently on tv.
Go Blue
01/19/19 at 01:20pm

WTH!? This show is still awful. What a waste of airtime. Think it’s pretty clear that it’s stupid with its, current, 2.8 stars.
11/30/18 at 11:06am

I stopped watching two weeks ago.

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