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Sep 25, 2011 - Feb 05, 2012








Maggie - Christina RicciKate - Kelli GarnerColette - Karine VanasseLaura - Margot RobbieDean - Jonah LotanTed - Michael Mosley

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A drama following the flight crew of Pan American World Airways during 1963.

Welcome to the Jet Age, where passenger airplanes fly people across the world at 30,000 feet. Air travel embodies luxury, and Pan Am is the Number One name in the business thanks to its fancy plans, studly pilots, and gorgeous stewardesses.

But it takes more than just good looks to represent this airline. The Pan Am crew has to be educated, refined, and cultured. They are trained to handle anything and everything that can happen in-flight. And in Pan Am, anything and everything does.

Comments (102)

10/15/15 at 10:05am

OH! The ladies were gorgeous!!!
10/28/14 at 10:31pm

Loved this show so of course it was cancelled. Something besides reality tv. I have quit watching reality tv. It was nice to see how we all acted back when Pan Am was in business. We actually dressed up to get on a plane!!!
07/12/13 at 10:01am

I loved It! Hate that it cancelled!!! Get a clue!
04/21/13 at 07:31pm

What in the world!!! A refreshing and different show. In a different time. I kept looking for it.. and now I know why I can't find it. Really liked this one. Is there a way to talk to the network? Maybe we could try to vote or something. which network was this?
03/02/13 at 01:21pm

Please bring it back!!!
03/02/13 at 01:19pm

Bring back this fabulous show!!! Awesome!! I love the characters!!!
02/20/13 at 08:30pm

I agree with Richard and Daisy - wise up before we all just watch each other on the streets and toss the T in the garbage cause that is all that is left to watch -just reviewing all my shows that are not coming back !!
02/19/13 at 09:50pm

This show was really going somewhere. Great cast and creative interesting story line. It was working. Cancelling it shows how ignorant the people in charge of this decision really are!
02/16/13 at 08:58am

A show worth watching. Good story line, not like all of that bang bang shoot em up cop shows, or the moronic reality shows. i really liked pan am. You network dummys would'nt know a good show if it bit you on the back side.
11/05/12 at 09:34am

I agree!! The network nitwits have done it again. Cancelled a great show. There is no originality with the media heads. Just keep pumping out brainless action and violence shows and Reality redundant shows. Bring back Pan Am!

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