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Sep 25, 2011 - Feb 05, 2012








Maggie - Christina RicciKate - Kelli GarnerColette - Karine VanasseLaura - Margot RobbieDean - Jonah LotanTed - Michael Mosley

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A drama following the flight crew of Pan American World Airways during 1963.

Welcome to the Jet Age, where passenger airplanes fly people across the world at 30,000 feet. Air travel embodies luxury, and Pan Am is the Number One name in the business thanks to its fancy plans, studly pilots, and gorgeous stewardesses.

But it takes more than just good looks to represent this airline. The Pan Am crew has to be educated, refined, and cultured. They are trained to handle anything and everything that can happen in-flight. And in Pan Am, anything and everything does.

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11/03/12 at 10:04pm

I totally agree, every time they have a really good show that has a decent plotline and good story they cancel it. It was refreshing to start watching TV again with shows like GCB, Pan Am, Lie To Me, etc. These are semi-wholesome shows that are entertaining and actually make you "think" while you are watching unlike the "reality show" drivel that is constantly on TV. I could care less about watching a bunch of low-life, drama queens screaming and acting like a bunch of spoiled three year old while thinking their lives actually matter to the world. My 7 and 5 year old are more mature than these reality show ppl.

You can pretty much guarantee that if you start watching a TV show that is interesting, fun and captures your interest that they will be canceled within the first season. I am constantly reminded of the movie Idiocracy when it comes to TV programming these days.
10/15/12 at 06:19pm

Another Good Show cancelled by the network Nitwits..!!!
Fun show that followed along history...
10/12/12 at 01:34pm

I LOVED this show and an very sad to see it go. I travel a lot for work and bought a FULL set of PAN AM Luggage because of show. I re-live the show every week walking thru the airport!
Carol Mahoney
10/11/12 at 07:37am

I rest my case. Another show, primarily WOMEN........Cancelled. I thought NBC wa notorious for this trend. No wonder the shows on cable are doing so well. They invest in top talent, locations, writing. GCB and Pan Am, were very good shows. We the public, invested our time each week in both shows. Thanks for nothing. Maybe, we should boycott the Networks golden gooses, such as Today and GMA. Permanenently.
Sam Jolie
10/10/12 at 01:44am

"This along with GCB was a steaming pile of dog mess." No wonder the big networks cancel shows in favour of 'reality' shows or lame talent contests, Americas taste is up is A&S and does know entertainment when it sees it.
09/21/12 at 04:34am

Whats going to happen to Teddy and Laura?
we will never know because its CANCELLED! so many STUPID REALIY show about drunks and wanna be's i miss this show :(
08/15/12 at 06:38am

This show was such a disappointment from the beginning. Great premise, could have been a really interesting show if the writing had been better.
08/02/12 at 06:17pm

Nooooo!!!! I can't believe it! This show was awesome and it was done so well. It was definitely a welcomed break from all the staged "reality" shows. This one had great story lines, beautiful scenes, and a great believable cast... So very, very sad to see it go! :(
06/17/12 at 00:08am

This along with GCB was a steaming pile of dog mess.
06/08/12 at 09:30pm

I agree with JD. I was watching missing, GCB and Pan Am. I also watched unforgettable. I don't think I will get interested in new shows. These shows get cancelled and you are left hanging, wondering what happened. It isn't fair to viewers who are waiting for the new season and then find out there isn't going to be one. I don't like reality shows or dancing shows. There are too many.

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