The Chicago Code

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Feb 07, 2011 - May 23, 2011




Drama / Crime




Jarek - Jason ClarkeVonda - Devin KelleyTeresa - Jennifer BealsCaleb - Matt LauriaIsaac - Todd WilliamsLiam - Billy LushRonin - Delroy LindoWil - Patrick Gough

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A police drama following Chicago's most respected cops.

Jarek Wysocki is a Chicago police officer and local legend, who spends his days fighting crime and exposing corruption in the Windy City. Joining him are Caleb, a young but eager detective, and Vonda, which is a rookie beat cop and also Jarek's niece.

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11/28/11 at 00:34am

I really liked this show and was sad to see that it was cancelled. Networks need to let shows have a chance!
david hamm
11/09/11 at 02:02pm

If Gunsmoke or Law and Order was on Fox would they have been cut?Now a days must shows are stupid.I loved Hill Sreet Blues and NYPD.This was better than new 5 0 on CBS.
10/15/11 at 05:36pm

What a great show! Excellent cast and storylines! Top 10! But I couldn't believe FOX cancelled a clean cut cop drama show over Gordon Ramsey's foul mouthed series such as Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen!! Shame on you guys! And we wonder why our kids are mouthing off these days! Thanks a lot!
10/12/11 at 05:31pm

Was clearly one of the best shows on the air and FOX goes and cancels it. Hardly any show now get a chance to develop a following. Very sad.
Jim Lepping
10/06/11 at 10:01pm

I can't bad mouth FOX but I sure am going to miss Chicago Code. The storyline was a bit far fetched but I had high hopes that the writers would shift gears, tweaking the scripts to better represent reality. I believe the entire cast did a GREAT job on the series.
08/29/11 at 08:52am

Chicago Code was most unrealistic. In real Chicago the city cops have never tried to go after Alderman and have protected mob figures. All "heavies" were brought down by feds with a few chicops falling that were butt wipes of the heavies. Had the show been presented as such it would hit the top 10!

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