The Protector

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Jun 12, 2011 - Sep 19, 2011








Gloria - Ally WalkerMichelle - Tisha Campbell-MartinFelix - Miguel FerrerDavey - Chris Payne GilbertRomeo - Terrell TilfordLeo - Thomas RobinsonNick - Sage Ryan

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A drama following a homicide detective raising her twin sons as a single mother.

Gloria Sheppard is a homicide detective working for the LAPD. She is also recently divorced, faced with raising her twin boys as a single mom.

Now moved in with her brother, Gloria must balance her responsibilities as a parent with the demanding job of solving some of LA's most high profile crimes.

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angry white woman
10/20/12 at 07:35pm

08/12/12 at 01:47pm

I liked this show, but it was in a bad time slot. Wish they would have moved it before cancelling it.
05/14/12 at 03:01pm

This show ROCKED! It needed 2 be in an earlier time slot. I mean come on it was on here at 10 pm and that's CST! PLEEEZ bring it back Lifetime! All the shows I watched on your network have been canelled in favor of disgusting ridiculous reality shows. Come on have the guts to give it a 2nd chance in a better time slot. Otherwise I guess it's bye bye Lifetime! I will never watch another show you debut AGAIN because I don't trust you!
04/14/12 at 04:38am

Yeesh, they didn't give this one a chance. It was a great show and I love the starring actress.
02/19/12 at 02:57pm

i cant believe this show got cancelled. i loved it!!!! it was an awsome!!!!!
01/04/12 at 11:29pm

A lot of people seemed to like this show. I assume the ratings must not have been good, but I don't know why. The show was enjoyable to watch with likeable characters. Makes you wonder what most people like, given some of the shows that do get renewed. Last year The Defenders gets the chop, now The Protector. A lot of good shows get lost in the deluge of viewing options.
12/23/11 at 03:28am

This is BS! cant believe they cancelled this show. Its one of the best new female lead cop shows on tv. I like it a lot better than the cop shows on the other networks.. It was funny and I loved the way she was with her kids. I give up on lifetime. They cancel this then they go and cancel against the wall. They got nothing left for me. Goodbye Lifetime TV
12/20/11 at 06:53am

This STINKS!! That show was a really good show. What is wrong with these people that keep cancelling all the good shows & keeping all the rotten ones???? It's getting to where we won't have anything to watch during the summer.
11/29/11 at 07:10pm

This was one of the better shows on TV. The main character was believable as a working mom trying to balance her work and home life. Too bad it's cancelled.
11/29/11 at 05:49pm

I agree with all of you. It was a huge mistake to cancel this show. Did not even give it a chance. It would be great if another network would pick it up.

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