The Secret Circle

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Sep 15, 2011 - May 10, 2012


The CW






Cassie - Britt RobertsonAdam - Thomas DekkerCharles - Gale HaroldDiana - Shelley HennigFaye - Phoebe TonkinMelissa - Jessica Parker KennedyNick - Louis HunterDawn - Natasha HenstridgeJane - Ashley Crow

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A supernatural drama following an orphaned teen who discovers she is a witch who holds the key to a battle between good and evil.

Before her mom died, Cassie was your typical teenager. Now orphaned and alone, she moves in with her grandmother who happens to live in the same small town her mother left years ago.

Once there, Cassie stars to realize that the residents appear to know more about her than she does about herself. When unexplainable and frightening things start happening, she comes to find out that her new friends are descended from a line of powerful witches, and they have been waiting for her to complete the 'Secret Circle'.

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08/19/13 at 08:11pm

I can't believe this happened, my heart dropped when I found out they canceled this show. I couldn't wait to watch it every week and the way they ended it definitely had my attention! I couldn't wait until the next season!!'! I am so sadden by this, it is and will always be a HUGE mistake. It really makes me upset that some of these shows they keep renewing for another season and their not even that good! I'm so unhappy.
08/15/13 at 08:20pm

i love this show so much i want another season i read the book and watched the show i want another season to come
07/19/13 at 05:10pm

You must put it back plz I love it
06/13/13 at 11:21pm

05/20/13 at 06:03pm

i totally loved this show. i was heart broken when it was cancelled. it left me with so many questions. is john black really dead. is dianas dad really dad. will cassie and adam work out even though she only has the really strong feelings for him. how will diana cope with her father dieing if he really did and more! if i get all my answers i think ill be fine but i really miss the show. i never missed a night!
05/18/13 at 02:22am

i will kill my self and you if u don't bring it back!
05/15/13 at 05:24am

Cancel Beauty and the Beast and put this show back on!
04/26/13 at 01:55am

How can u cancel this a show it really had us hooked my whole family sat down to this on PLEASE BRING IT BACK WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04/04/13 at 07:41am

I really don't get why this show was cancelled I was so into this show, neveer missed a show, and it was so good, Please put this show back on we really want to start seeing it again
03/15/13 at 05:38pm

plz put this show back on it was very good

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