The Secret Circle

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Sep 15, 2011 - May 10, 2012


The CW






Cassie - Britt RobertsonAdam - Thomas DekkerCharles - Gale HaroldDiana - Shelley HennigFaye - Phoebe TonkinMelissa - Jessica Parker KennedyNick - Louis HunterDawn - Natasha HenstridgeJane - Ashley Crow

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A supernatural drama following an orphaned teen who discovers she is a witch who holds the key to a battle between good and evil.

Before her mom died, Cassie was your typical teenager. Now orphaned and alone, she moves in with her grandmother who happens to live in the same small town her mother left years ago.

Once there, Cassie stars to realize that the residents appear to know more about her than she does about herself. When unexplainable and frightening things start happening, she comes to find out that her new friends are descended from a line of powerful witches, and they have been waiting for her to complete the 'Secret Circle'.

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10/09/18 at 05:55pm

Just watching this show again after over 6 years still can't believe it was cancelled
09/12/17 at 08:32pm

ANyone wanting to binge on this show on Netflix, it's expiring on September 14th 2017 so the last day you actually get is September 13th by midnight.
07/10/14 at 12:39pm

It's cancelled nooooooo how could they do this why did Netflix put the secret circle on there if it was cancelled my heart will never feel the same about an other tv show . FYI it was the show ever
04/23/14 at 06:07pm

This is one the best shows that the CW cancelled, I was furious when I found out that it was cancelled, yet they have stupid shows like Hart Of Dixie going into it's 2 second season .... Still upset
balcoin girl
04/12/14 at 11:53pm

i really hate CW could they do this with secret circle's fans.this show was awesome.the best show i ever watched.and still it's on top in my watch/fav list.
good ratings but they cancelled it.urghhhh seriously m getting mad.why i pick it to watch without knowing that theres no more deserves more seasons atleast season 2.
they left us on huge cliffhanger.
03/26/14 at 07:48pm

Please bring the serie back for us because I was a good one .i love it
03/02/14 at 01:56pm

Please bring this show back !!!! Love witch show... This one was AWESOME!!!!
01/23/14 at 12:10pm

This show needs to be picked up by someone..was my favorite show and i watch the entire season on netflix atleast once a month..I too wish netflix would pick this show up. I have bought all the books and its such a great read. Please please bring it back.
11/18/13 at 01:36am

There was tons of fan support for this show when it was cancelled. It performed well and sometimes was one of the top 3 shows on the CW. However the actor playing Adam was dissatisfied with his characters path. This show never had a reason for being cancelled, to this date the CW has not given one. I think either there were issues with the cast or producers and CW, otherwise I don't understand the secret behind the cancellation. The CW made a HUGE mistake canceling this show. I know Phoebe Tonkin is on the originals, which is a great show and a rift is on Under the Rome. However Under the atone is a summer show and perhaps Netflix could somehow start this show back up. If all the fans young & old would contact Netflix and ask for the secret circle to be picked up by them, maybe somehow they could work out a schedule that could work for all actors involved. If the actor who plays Adam doesn't want to return the way it ends he could disappear with the skull. No Ned to have him around or just recast him. This show has a huge international fan base as well if ALL of us contact Netflix, they just might try to work something out, even with two years passed and get this show rolling on their service. Screw the CW, Netflix make some money by reviving this show!!! Sorry for any typos speed typing on my phone ;)
08/23/13 at 04:33pm

I didn't find out about this show until about a few months ago, but I watched every episode on Netflix in less than a week. It is my favorite show! Bring! It! Back!!!!!
Nothing is better than witches and demons, I mean, come on!!!

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