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Sep 22, 2011 - Mar 27, 2013








Whitney - Whitney CummingsAlex - Chris D'EliaLily - Zoe Lister-JonesNeal - Maulik PancholyMark - Dan O'BrienRoxanne - Rhea Seehorn

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A comedy following a couple committed to being together without committing to marriage.

Based on the real-life experience and comedic routines of comedian Whitney Cummings, the self-titled comedy follows a couple with relationship issues of a unique kind. They have a commitment to one another, but are determined not to tie the knot.

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05/14/13 at 02:56pm

well this is what is called karma. this girl is a horrible human being. but don't worry she is white, jewish and prettyish so she'll have tons of more shows to be in.
05/13/13 at 07:30am

Hard year for this chick. First her talk show is canned, and now this. YIKES! I never liked this show, but she's actually a very good stand up comedian. She's very funny. I don't think network TV is the right route for her, however. I think she'd be better on cable TV. It would allow her to be less censored. I think her problem is she was trying to do WAY TOO MUCH TOO SOON. I mean she was writing, producing and acting in this show, and the show hadn't even found its footing, and then she goes and does a talk show. Huh? She had what I call Lady GaGa Syndrome. These new celebrities get a little taste of success and power and think...I CAN DO IT ALL. What winds up happening is they burn themselves out and run themselves eight into the ground. Lady GaGa, 27, had to have hip surgery and cancel her entire world tour. 27!!!
That ain't good...
05/12/13 at 09:38am

Love this show ughhhhh
04/20/13 at 07:27pm

And now the final episode of the last Season is what brought this show to new heights. Roxanne and Mark finally kiss! It was awesome! The show started looking like it was trying to be too much like Friends. I dont care for the bar being in the picture. It makes it feel too distant. Otherwise I love the show and would hope they do not cancel it. And I feel they give Lilly some great lines that she pulls off really really well. Her comedic timing is great.
04/05/13 at 08:12pm

Me and my daughter LOVE this show. Whitney and Roxanne are our favorites. We also like the way they developed Neal's character. Lilly's character just got lost and ridiculous as the show lost its way and strayed from the path. For example, the episode where it turned out that when Whitney met Alex she had been in a long term relationship with someone else and cheated on him with Alex. That went against everything we knew about Whitney...the not attached and "I don't stay overnight" girl. Also the story with her sister that came out of the blue instead of bringing in the sister and developing a character. To summarize, the first season was great; the second season strayed from the path. However, overall I truly love the show. Unfortunately, I believe it is being cancelled as apparently Chris D'Elia has acquired a lead role in another series and this season seemed to wrap up everyone's life with happy endings. I was hoping the show would find the path it strayed from, but now it appears to be too late.
03/15/13 at 08:01pm

One of the few comedies my wife and I enjoy and get. Hope it stays on the air a while longer.
02/05/13 at 06:40pm

Cancel it. Cancel it. Cancel it. Cancel it.
11/04/12 at 11:14am

Worst NBC "comedy" ever. Terrible attempts at comedy.
10/11/12 at 03:24pm

Whitney Cummings is hilarious. I dont like the Neal character tho
06/08/12 at 09:38pm

Great shows. I can't mention which one stands out because they are all very funny. I can't wait to see next season.

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