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Sep 22, 2011 - Mar 27, 2013








Whitney - Whitney CummingsAlex - Chris D'EliaLily - Zoe Lister-JonesNeal - Maulik PancholyMark - Dan O'BrienRoxanne - Rhea Seehorn

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A comedy following a couple committed to being together without committing to marriage.

Based on the real-life experience and comedic routines of comedian Whitney Cummings, the self-titled comedy follows a couple with relationship issues of a unique kind. They have a commitment to one another, but are determined not to tie the knot.

Comments (29)

08/22/14 at 11:31am

Wow!!! This show was really funny! But again, no jews, no gays....no show! This is the sad news in this industry...
10/26/13 at 10:41pm

I'm gonna miss this show! Guess it's time to remove it from my dvr list. Really wish another network would pick it up.
10/20/13 at 12:43pm

I loved this show. So upset that it was cancelled. Please rethink this and bring it back. It was so funny!
10/07/13 at 07:11am

OH Dangit!!! This show was sooooo good!!!! Whittney is sooo very funny... Why Why Why......!!!!!!!Please I hope they reconsider..Guess I'll have to buy the DVD...
10/06/13 at 06:16pm

What is wrong with these people that cancelled this show, it was hilarious. I sure hope you know you have disappointed alot of people. I hope you bring it back.
06/19/13 at 10:08pm

I was sad about this, but it was obvious. There was maybe one really funny line an episode and it usually came from Mark. Maybe him and the blonde friend can have a show together, they were a good couple :P
06/07/13 at 12:16pm

Now I'm super pissed,,, This was THE BEST COMEDY BESIDES "NEW GIRL" out there. Not to many shows actually make you laugh out loud, but this one did. I spent 2yrs being clinically depressed all I have is tv and nothing made me laugh but this show, I dvr "d it for my worst days when I needed a pick me up, if it can give me a laugh it's gotta be something worth keeping. I HATE YOU NBC
05/19/13 at 02:19am

My favorite show...Dammit!
05/18/13 at 04:05am

Whitney is a Great comedy series what are look forward to watching you should keep it on is very few comedy out there which would standing next to Whitney too many reality series you have good comedy like go on rules of engagement the new normal happy ending and family tools what you are cancelling and don't mess with the B in apartment 23 which you should keep on
05/16/13 at 06:58pm


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