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Jun 23, 2011 - Aug 13, 2014








Ryan - Elijah WoodWilfred - Jason GannJenna - Fiona GubelmannKristen - Dorian Brown

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A comedy following a troubled man who starts seeing his neighbor's dog as a man in a dog suit.

Wilfred is an adaptation of the critically-acclaimed Australian series of the same name. It follows Ryan, a young man struggling through life until he forms a rather unique friendship with Wilfred, his neighbor's dog.

But while everybody else sees Wilfred as a typical dog, Ryan sees a crude and surly - yet brave and honest - Australian man in an old, cheap dog suit.

Wilfred leads Ryan through a series of existential, but comical, adventures while showing him ways of overcoming his fears and joyfully embracing the unpredictable world around him.

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09/02/14 at 05:52pm

I am a such a fan of Elijah, I created a fan page for him years ago. I love him so much in this show. I can't wait to see how it ends. I want to know if Wilfred is his friend or really trying to drive him crazy. Lol
06/28/14 at 04:57pm

It is a shame that this show is getting cancelled. Its dark and witty humor was something that always pulled me in and left me wondering how the story would progress. I'm just glad that they will be able to finish their story in season 4 even though it will be shorter than the seasons before it.
03/03/14 at 08:47pm

"This show explores a whole new realm of comedy television. Erie, intelligent, dry, profound, thought-provoking, outrageous, subtle - all intertwined into one overall theme: PERCEPTION IS KEY; open your mind, face your fear, and take risks.
There are multiple levels of perception that come into play. The dynamics between Wilfred and Ryan are simplistic in the eyes of all but Ryan (just a man and a dog), yet complex and unfamiliar (Ryan's very personal and strange experience with hearing/seeing Wilfred's complex thoughts, moods, erratic actions, etc). Such dynamics are carefully orchestrated to depict how one's perception and outlook can truly change or save you. I have not yet seen the (original) Australian version of this show, but I must say - truly ingenious and inventive."
03/03/14 at 07:46pm

08/31/13 at 02:37pm

I watch this show every week, because I loved the Australian version and I think Jason Gann is outstanding, even in the bad episodes, of which there are many. But the US version is mostly terrible. I don't know why the basic setup was changed, and a lot of the humor is gratuitously crude and vulgar without any wit attached to it. The writing is consistently poor, as is the supporting cast. Whenever the action ventures away from Gann and Elijah Wood, the show just becomes a bore. Mostly I sit there and wait for the one or two funny lines you get from Jason Gann, and that's it, I'm afraid. This was a wonderful idea that was very badly executed. I'm strangely sorry to hear of the impending cancellation, but I can't say I'm surprised.
08/29/13 at 10:12am

While I agree that season 2 was a bore, I've actually quite enjoyed season 3. I was very close to writing the show off but they roped me back in with a return to good comedy and some funny guest stars. All that said, I hope this is the final season. The creators are hoping for 5, but there's no way with the type of ratings they're doing. I just hope the final episode provides some kind of closure.
06/27/13 at 02:58am

Wilfred is a consistently excellent show. If you disagree then you are an ignorant fool.
11/01/12 at 01:40pm

Season 3 is happening, unfortunately. I hate this show. I absolutely can no longer stand Wilfred. As far as everything becoming interconnected, I'm not seeing it and won't tune in. Last season was a total bore.
11/01/12 at 01:37pm

I cannot believe they renewed this show for another season. My wife and I watched all of season 2, but it was painful to get through. Why we continued tuning in every week was beyond me because each episode got worse. Season 1 was great when the two of them constantly got high--loved the episode where Wilfred gets molested by Ed Helms from the office!! Where did all that humor go????
10/31/12 at 09:05pm

Looking forward to the 3rd season. I've been a fan since I saw the Australian series run. So funny!!

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