Anger Management

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Jun 28, 2012 - Dec 22, 2014








Charlie - Charlie SheenKate - Selma BlairJennifer - Shawnee SmithPatrick - Michael ArdenEmma - Daniela BobadillaJack - Derek RichardsonBartender - Brett Butler

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A comedy following an anger management therapist who has anger issues himself.

Charlie is a former minor-league baseball player who is working on overcoming his own anger issues in order to become an anger management therapist.

This is easier said than done, as Charlie's friends and family don't make things easy for him.

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09/10/12 at 09:24pm

when she says on principal she means she wont watch two half men because charlie isnt on it anymore. she doesnt promote watching it unless charlie is in it.

I too agree Charlie should go back to two half men, that show is ruined without him and anger management is not even 1/4 what two half men was.
09/02/12 at 11:02pm

Jeannie, it's a bit hypocritical to say you won't watch 2 1/2 men on 'principal' when you clearly state in the sentence before that it's none of our business. It'd be more appropriate and less hypocritical to say that Ashton Kutcher just isn't funny but the kid and Jon Cryer are still pretty funny. If we don't care about Sheen's personal business, then we wouldn't stop watching the show on 'Principal' Winning...Duh!
08/17/12 at 09:11pm

Charlie Sheen Is A Great Actor !!! What His Personal Life Is ,Is None Of Our Business. I Won,t Watch 2 1/2 men On Principle. I Love Anger Management An I Don't Miss An Episode You Go Charlie. A Fan For Life !!!
07/07/12 at 07:46pm

Funny show I hope it lasts.

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