Are You There, Chelsea?

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Jan 11, 2012 - Mar 28, 2012








Chelsea - Laura PreponRick - Jake McDormanSloane - Chelsea HandlerMelvin - Lenny Clarke

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A comedy following an outspoken woman and her circle of friends.

Based on Chelsea Handler's best-selling book, "Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea", this half-hour comedy follows Chelsea Newman (based on Handler) and her group of working-class friends in New Jersey.

Chelsea is an opinionated, unapologetic young woman who likes to live life to the fullest. She works at a sports bar in the Garden State, where she is surrounded by friends and co-workers.

Comments (22)

05/19/12 at 09:52am

Gonna miss this one...loved the roommate.
05/19/12 at 06:30am

Finally! This was the most stupid show ever. U couldn't stand it for more than 2 minutes. True story.
05/18/12 at 00:42am

Jessica if you want to sound intelligent, read your sentences before you post a comment.
05/17/12 at 08:25pm

the funest show tv 4 a long tine give it a chance to catch on
05/17/12 at 09:31am

Yay. Hated this show: it demeaned us all.
05/14/12 at 05:55pm

They canceled this show, best news I heard all day.

It was lame....
05/12/12 at 06:45am

Chelsea Handler may be funny for late nite TV but for prime time what an utter failure, her line deliveries are excruciatingly painful and Laura Prepon speaks like she has a mouthfull of pudding
05/08/12 at 05:47pm

This show was so funny to watch. It was hysterical because it can relate to many many people; as we all go out drinking now and then. I hope it is not husband and I love it; now that we are parents; it makes us still feel Don't cancel this show!!!!!
05/06/12 at 11:42pm

The ppl who have given shitty comments abt this show r the ones who r home alone on Saturday night(well their hand keeps them company)
Compared to the crap on the WB its fun and the actors can actually act. Its a good time show and that's what its suppose to be. Screw the mindless drones who want "reality tv" to rule the airwaves, and guess what ppl its not freaking reality. This world is so full of drama,sadness,and Obama shows like this let u forget that for awhile. Should NBC cancel this show, God knows its made some great decisions in the past(look up the.list of canceled shows on the web from this season alone), E should pick it up for.something between Kardashians. NBC likes copy a lot "The Voice" example and decent drama still with L&O-SVU. So lighten up haters pucker up and kiss Chelseas almost invisible ass.
05/06/12 at 10:39am

This show is fantastic. Permanently drunk, irreverent and with a cat called arse-face. I want Chelsea in my social circle never mind on my TV

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