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Aug 19, 2012 - Sep 22, 2013






Kevin - Tom Weston-JonesRobert - Kyle SchmidMatthew - Ato EssandohElizabeth - Anastasia GriffithEva - Franka PotenteFrancis - Kevin RyanAndrew - Dylan TaylorAnnie - Kiara GlascoSara - Tessa ThompsonEllen - Alex Paxton-BeesleyCiaran - Ron White

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A period drama following a cop in 1860's New York.

Kevin Corcoran is a rugged, Irish immigrant police officer who is searching for information about the disappearance of his wife and the death of his daughter. While doing so, he works the streets of the Five Points neighborhood in New York City.

Comments (56)

05/27/14 at 03:07pm

All the comments are correct but Paul F. says it all. Bring back Copper!
05/14/14 at 09:21pm

Quit cancelling all the good shows! Take those crappy reality shows off instead.
05/13/14 at 09:59am

Why do you cancel all the good shows and leave the crappy ones on, like all those reality pieces of junk?
05/03/14 at 05:17pm

I just saw Copper is not returning I have be waiting for it to come back
Come on Guys are we going to have networks full of all these reality shows
Please bring it back please!!!!!!!!!
04/09/14 at 08:59pm

I will really miss this show....ugh I guess it isn't reality TV....
M Lewis
03/29/14 at 10:54am

I have never written a comment before but I am really discussed with BBC America for canceling Copper! It told the story of the time, not like the trash TV now and for Gawds sake what is with the boring line up BBCA? You used to be my family's favorite channel. Now we all use Netflix.
chris franey
03/25/14 at 08:16am

I really don't get it. The crap shows stay on and the good ones get canceled. This was a fabulous series. any time a really smart series like this comes along---I know it's doomed. The decision makers must think we want more doctor shows, lawyer shows, stupid reality or comedy shows. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING WHEN YOU CANCELED THIS ONE??
03/19/14 at 00:41am

This was a great show ...please bring it back ... I can't be alone in loving it.
03/12/14 at 03:08pm

I agree --- Used to love BBC America, but now, almost all crap shows, except for Copper, Ripper and a few others... At least Ripper is back, so now they need to see the light on Copper.
Paul F.
03/09/14 at 10:59am

This was one GREAT show!! Fantastic acting, storyline, sets, writing, etc. I still cannot beleive that BBCAmerica cancelled this wonderful show. I contacted BBCAmerica and received a brief and curt response, "...COPPER is cancelled...", nothing more than that. BBCAmerica needs to review their "insane and wrong" decision and bring COPPER back. Or better yet, allow HBO, Cinemax, AMC, The History Channel to renew the series and treat it like the quality show that it was/is. With crap like Honey Boo Boo and all of the other trash on tv, this QUALITY series is canned. Totally absurd!! Ripper Street is coming back for Season 3, so they certainly can change their minds and give COPPER another season. The other fact is that BBCAmerica failed to leave any closure to the series. Another nitwit decision made with no consideration for the audience.Bring COPPER back and allow the audience to enjoy one of the finest shows on cable!!

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